Players at GGPoker Win Around $600k in Record-Breaking Bad Beat Jackpot

Ibai Delgado, a player at the GGPoker, is the latest player to be on the other side of a bad beat. This happened during the $10/20 Pot-Limit Omaha he was playing at on January 15. It was not a bad thing as he ended up winning a Bad Beat Jackpot worth more than the initial pot.

Ibai raised $70 with Qc Qd Ac 5d in his hand. Bilaterale 1 had Qs Ks Qh. Unfortunately, Ibai did not know his opponent had pocket kings for a full house that matured into better quads when Kh was placed on the river. This was a win for Bilaterale 1, who won the pot of over $5,000.

But, the ultimate winner was Delgado, after getting the largest portion of the $593,177 Bad Beat Jackpot. Ibai carried home $366k. On the other hand, Bilaterale 1 won just 4115k, with the other four finishers taking home 429,293 each.

The head of Public Relations at the poker room announced the biggest Bad Beat Jackpot. Paul Burke said it was a record-breaking Bad Beat Jackpot with Delgado and his quads queens getting the most of the money. He also declared that GGPoker loved seeing players win huge amounts of money, hoping other jackpots would be coming in the next few weeks.

More About GGPoker Bad Beat Jackpot

In September last year, GGPoker substituted several jackpot promos with one Bad Beat Jackpot promo. This progressive jackpot keeps growing the more cash games are played in the poker room. Moreover, the poker room made this jackpot available to all categories of cash games.

The requirements for winning the Bad Beat Jackpot are simple. One of these requirements states that a player can only win the money after losing in a bad beat situation.

Players can win the jackpot if they lose with Quad Nines at Short Deck Poker, Quad Nines at Pot Limit Omaha, Quad Jacks at Pot Limit Omaha 5, and Aces Full at Texas Hold’em. GGPoker has rewarded over $1,000,000 since it launched the Bad Beat Jackpot promotions. Over $1 million of this was given out in 72 hours in December.

Phil_sn won on two separate bad beats during that time, pocketing $46k at the $1/2 Rush & Cash tables. During the previous biggest Bad Beat Jackpot, players shared around $570k. One of the $10/20 PLO players pocketed the most, $352k, for missing the hand with Quad Tens to a Straight Flush.

The Bad Beat Jackpot is scheduled to continue running. Considering that GGPoker is expanding its offerings, you can expect even bigger successes in the coming months.

Are Bad Beat Jackpots Becoming Extinct?

This is not the first Bad Beat Jackpot promotion to run on a poker site. In fact, they were popular at the beginning of online poker games, with almost all rooms using it as a promotion to attract poker players.

However, its popularity has slowly dwindled, making the latest promotion at GGPoker the largest in the past few years. The last biggest Bad Beat Jackpot was in 2018 with BetOnline rewarding over $1.2 million.

However, the ultimate winner that year did not receive a huge sum as the one GGPoker has given out, as he only received $218k. The hand winner won $155k while other players won $25k each.


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