Phil Hellmuth Defeats Tom Dwan in the latest High Stakes Duel III

Phil Hellmuth Defeats Tom Dwan in the latest High Stakes Duel III

Phil Hellmuth has nothing to prove to anyone. Yet, he continues to put his best, scoping almost every championship he participates in, adding to his resume and wealth. Phil defeated Tom Dwan in the High Stakes Duel III in his latest poker game.

The 16 times World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner is also among the 34 players to cash in over $20 million on WSOP. Despite being 57, Phil is nowhere near retiring and is building his legendary resume.

High Stakes Duel III Match

High Stakes Duel is a popular heads-up poker match at PokerGO. Phil’s latest win is the eighth at the PokerGO heads-up program. He won against Tom Dwan, a fan-favorite high-stakes cash game champion, earning $400,000.

Speaking after his win, Phil described Tom as one of the best players worldwide. He noted that Tom was a naturally talented hold’em player. Phil also noted that there were about ten natural-born hold’em players worldwide, confirming he was one of the ten.

He also gave examples proving he was a natural-born hold’em player. Phil noted he had won around 14 world contests in hold’em and played over 40 final battles in hold’em.

Previously, Hellmuth lost the second battle to Dwan. The race began with Hellmuth winning three matches against Antonio Esfandiari.

This was followed by another win against Daniel Negreanu before finishing his seven-match winning streak with Nick Wright during the first battle of the High Stakes Duel III. The sports commentator decided to quit, bringing Dwan as the qualifying opponent.

Round 2 and 3 of the High Stakes Duel III

In August 2021, Dwan won the second round of the High Stakes Duel III. He won the round with pocket tens against Hellmuth’s pocket aces. Phil and Tom met for the last round, each contributing $200k to make the $400k prize.

Tom and Phil played for almost three hours, with the largest part of the first 120 minutes being small trades. Hellmuth managed to gain an advantage shortly before getting into the third hour.

Phil came from the bottom with Q5 for 1,200, while Tom checked K6 from the big blind. This was followed by KK10 flop, which gave Tom three of a kind, though he refrained from betting. Shortly after, Tom check-called a bet of 1,500 from Phil with Q making both players refrain from betting.

With Q giving both players a full house, Tom did not bet again while Phil placed a bet of 1,200 into the 5,400 pot. Dwan increased the size of the bet to 6,500, which Phil did not fall for.

Phil maintained his advantage when he turned three of a kind, beating Tom’s pocket tens. This gave Phil a 3:1 lead.

With every dealt hand, Phil continued to gain the advantage, putting him further ahead when the last hand was dealt. Phil used his AK to limp from the highly coveted position (button) for 2,000. This led to Tom raising 7,000 from the compulsory bet with 88.

Phill played all-in while Tom called. The board had K5266, with Hellmuth creating sixes and Kings to win the pot. While it was a sweet win for Phil, Tom feels he can win the next game. He has even challenged him to another match with an $800k prize.

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