Pennsylvanians and Online Gaming; For or Against?

pennsylvania_state_sealPennsylvania has stepped up as possibly the next state to pass legislation that would regulate and license online gaming in the United States. Hearings have taken place to discuss proposed legislation on the topic of online poker and the progress seems to be moving along quite nicely. However, a poll from last month seemed to show that Pennsylvanian’s were not in favor of online gaming. The poll, conducted by Harper Polling, showed that residents of the state did not want to see online gaming legislation passed into law. Now a new study has been published that suggests residents are in favor after all.

Harper Polling is known for conducting polls in favor of republican interests and the study released in April was heavily promoted by the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, the organization created by Sheldon Adelson. This study showed that residents were against iGaming, by 73%. A little over half of those taking part in the study were more likely to vote against a candidate at the polls who was in favor of legalizing online gambling.

Just yesterday, PennLive reported a new poll that shows residents in the state are in favor of legalizing online gaming. The Bravo Group conducted the pool last week, which featured responses by 769 registered voters in Pennsylvania. The questions that were asked have yet to be published but we do know that 58% of those polled would be in support of a law that would license and strictly regulate online gambling in the state.

66% of those polled staed they would want iGaming to be taxed and use the money earned to be placed in state programs and education programs. Player protections were discussed as well, with 80% of those polled wanting technology in place to protect children from gaining access to gaming. However, only 52% wanted to see deposit limits as well as playing time and loss limits put in place.

It is interesting to compare the results of both polls. Of course one should consider that whoever is conducting the poll will be working the angles to get the outcome that helps their plight. So, for now, only time will tell if Pennsylvanians will respond to online gaming if the opportunity arises. For now, legislators continue to take a look at the blossoming industry and decide if the state needs to enter the online gaming marketplace.


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