Onlne Poker – Peek-a-Boo – I see Your Hole Cards! has received an unconfirmed report that PokerStars, among other online poker rooms intends to require all final table finishers to reveal their whole cards following the Sunday Million tournament. The reason behind this is said to be entertainment, we’ve all watched a poker game or two on TV haven’t we? It wouldn’t be a lot of fun if we couldn’t see the players hole cards.How are we to know if he had it or if he bluffed! Well we are to have the action, albeit a bit delayed. However, one must wonder, as the
guys at Rounders did, are we just showing cards for their entertainment value? If you recall the recent Absolute Poker Scandal, then you can probably see another obvious reason for showing hole cards to the public. In fact, like several poker players we interviewed today at the Portland Players Club, you might just be relieved.

There are those however like Josh Michaels who staff spoke to at an Indian based casino however who do not ever believe in showing their hole cards and as a result say they might find a new place to play.

TJ from wasn’t to sure he wanted his Party Poker hands shared either, telling 4flush staff, “I can’t say that I whole-heartedly agree with PokerStars wanting to waive the players’ rights to not have their hole cards shown during the Sunday Million final table. ” He continued to explain, “The great thing about the Stars’ online webcasts is that there is still an allure and a mystery about it that you just don’t get from watching a live WPT or WSOP final table on TV.”

TJ continued by explaining to 4flush staff the overall importance of the Sunday Million replay, and just what he believes it brings to the online poker world, “When someone like myself watches the replay of the Sunday Million I know I’ll get to see all the hands and all the action that proceeds, and not just some made-for-TV version. In an age where ESPN and other networks have made the game look more “Hollywood” than anything, the Stars Sunday Million broadcast has never glorified any one player (even though there have been many who have made it to the final 9) or edited out key bluffs. Never taken out a single hand or edited out a player’s table banter. The poker was real and the action was uncut….T

We are currently awaiting confirmation from PokerStars regarding this announcement, keep your eye on 4Flush Online Gambling News for updates.

What do you think? Should Hole cards be shown at final tables online?

Perhaps all cards should be shown (after the game) all the time?

Or are poker players hole cards a sacred secret that shouldn’t be shared at any cost?

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