Online Poker Room Hits Milestone: PKR Announces 2-Millionth Member

PKR Poker, still considered a relatively new online poker room, has made the historic landmark announcement of reaching its 2,000,000th member mark. Launched in 2006, and not even a year after announcing the 1-millionth member, this is a sensational event for the celebrated 3D online poker room.

Only the most popular and long-time established online poker rooms can claim to have such an impressive player base, and most achieve these numbers through ‘networking’ with other sites under the same software license. For PKR Poker to have grown at such a rapid pace, and without the use of any shared player base to back up its numbers, is truly an honorable achievement.

The two largest online poker rooms in the industry, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker respectively, can at least hold US player acceptance partially responsible for their immense traffic rate, but PKR Poker has reached this milestone without overstepping the boundaries of US legal tape.

PKR Marketing Director Simon Prodger commented, “Only a handful of poker brands have ever reached this milestone, and none have done it so quickly and without taking US players. We are delighted with our progress and look forward to making our third year even better.”

Ranked as the second fastest online poker room in the poker network industry regards to expansion, PKR Poker takes great pride in its accomplishments. However, by removing online poker rooms that accept US player deposits from the equation, PKR easily reigns supreme.

So what is it that’s drawing so many online poker players to PKR Poker? Let’s take a look at what this site has accomplished in the last two years of existence.

PKR Poker has been appropriately deemed the “next generation” of the online poker industry, noted for its superb, privately developed poker client that comes complete with mind-blowing 3D graphics and true-to-life avatar characteristics.

An Emote Control System (ECS) is what gives these realistic avatars their abilities and multiple behaviorisms, and players who wins special tournaments, gain VIP status are achieve other goals can expand on these capabilities.

The developers of PKR’s sophisticated poker client did not just focus on player abilities, but paid close attention to every single detail, even down to the background scenery, carpeting and floral décor. Multiple camera views offer the feeling of watching the game played out on television, or choose a straight on view to experience poker games as if you were actually seated at the table.

Overall, PKR Poker has done something no other online poker room even comes close to matching. PKR brings you into the game in a truly authentic manner. Not every online poker player appreciates this aspect as some prefer the fast-paced, clutter free 2D tables that focus on game play and nothing more, but for those with modern computers and broadband Internet connections, it’s an experience like no other.

The recent launch ok “PKR TV”, the online poker room’s own television network, could also have a lot to do with the site’s fascinating growth rate. PKR TV runs for one hour in Europe with a potential 15-million viewer audience.

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