BlueFirePoker Challenges US Officials to Million Dollar Game of Poker recently announced on their website that they are challenging President Barack Obama or members of the US Congress to a poker game. The government official would face a poker pro to prove that poker is a game of skill not a game of luck. BluefirePoker will put up $1 million against just $1 to prove their point.

BluefirePoker has not given specifics of the game but they have stated that all the money would go to various charities. Each player will be given the same amount of chips to start with and according to the website: “the length of the game must also be long enough to demonstrate the advantage of skill because poker prowess and experience demonstrate themselves over time – in the long run, the better player wins the game because the player’s skills increase the odds of success.”

I don’t necessarily believe that President Obama will take the poker site up on their challenge but it would be a good move for government officials who are in favor of having poker ruled as a game of skill. Those in favor could prove the skill level needed by participating in the challenge.

Hopefully the United States is getting closer to changing the way the government approaches online gambling and the game of poker. The Pennsylvania judge who ruled poker as a game of skill during a recent case helps the matter as well as Barney Frank, who will be introducing legislation in the next few weeks that will address the UIGEA.

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