World Series of Poker Clarifies About COVID-19, 115 Rule

World Series of Poker Clarifies About COVID-19, 115 Rule

Several weeks ago, the World Series of Poker released rule 115 about policing positive COVID-19 cases and contact during the upcoming live action in Las Vegas. The rule was followed by numerous controversial comments from poker enthusiasts and others.

Following the long controversial conversation going around on Twitter, WSOP has clarified the rule. The conversation started when the official WSOP Tweeter Kevin “Kevmath” Mathers tweeted the WSOP tournament rules. The screenshot showing a section of the 115 rule indicated that WSOP had a right to remove a player from the tournament if the player showed symptoms of the coronavirus.

The rule seemed to indicate that even players who were in contact with a person who previously had COVID-19 or had symptoms would also be disqualified. Various people interpreted that the rule allowed WSOP to disqualify players without even recompensing them. Also, the rules seemed to discriminate against players even if they do not test positive for the coronavirus.

Furthermore, the rule did not address players who could be vaccinated. Instead, it treats all people who have or will contact people who are positive or show symptoms as equally dangerous even when they are vaccinated.
WSOP pointed out that its rule 115 was part of guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control. But, people thought the rule was too much and had a little nuance.

WSOP Clarified the Rule

Few days after the original post was made, WSOP returned with a clarification. Through its official Twitter account, the brand addressed the issue by including a new clause covering the status of vaccinated players under the new rule.
WSOP added a new clause consistent with CDC’s guidelines. The new clause indicated that a person who would interact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 would not need to leave the poker tournament to quarantine if they are fully vaccinated.

The clarification also explains that WSOP would consider players arriving in Las Vegas having taken precautions against contracting the coronavirus. Still, exposed players must remain asymptomatic and meet all requirements for being fully vaccinated, as described by the CDC.

The Tournament Is Still in a Tough Spot

The clarification ascertains vaccinated poker players. But, it is still unclear what will happen. At the beginning of the year, the organizer of 2021 WSOP said nothing was clear yet, especially with changes happening about coronavirus cases.

Today, a significant number had been vaccinated. But, the Delta variant is similarly increasing. Thus, the rules might change from time to time.

So, although the vaccinated players are sure they can participate in the 2021 WSOP, unvaccinated players face uncertainty. WSOP claims it is following CDC guidelines.

Vaccines prevent infections. When people are exposed to the coronavirus, the unvaccinated will likely be infected while the vaccinated person will not. Yet, it is also likely that the vaccinated can get infected.

There is a lot that can happen between now and September 30. In fact, planning the 2021 WSOP in Las Vegas was a gamble from the beginning. But, the tournament organizer hopes the series will kick start on September 30.

The series will start with a COVID-19 charity tournament and a classic Casino Employees game before embarking on the $5 million guaranteed contest on October 1. For now, we continue following online bracelets at 2021 GGPoker WSOP Online.


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