Online Poker Alternatives: What Else to Play While Quarantined?

If you’re self-isolating because of COVID-19, you’re probably looking for numerous ways to be entertained. Professional and new poker players are using their free time as an opportunity to improve their poker skills by playing the game on numerous online poker sites.
But let’s face it — focusing only on poker can be a bit exhausting, and we need to spend some time focusing on something else.

The list below should help you with that. It’s designed carefully to provide the best entertainment for poker players. In other words, all games listed below are more or less connected to the game of poker. Let’s take a look.

Live Dealer Card Games

Live dealer card games are the next best thing for many poker players who enjoy live poker. The most popular types are live blackjack and live baccarat, and the premise of these games is a really simple one.

Namely, players use live streaming to watch dealers who are streamed from a special studio. They basically do their job — deal cards. But online players use special software to make bets and decide what to do.

It’s a perfect blend of the real and the virtual, and it’s a type of casino gaming that’s getting more popular nowadays.

Online Slots

Poker players either love or hate slots. One of the reasons why they don’t like this type of entertainment is that slots are purely dependent on the element of luck. In other words, there’s no way to beat slots by improving your skills.

On the other hand, some poker players love slots for the same reason others hate it — the element of luck. The truth is that some poker lovers love the adrenaline rush while they play poker, and the feeling is pretty similar when playing slots.

Playing this type of casino games on the web is popular nowadays, and some of them even offer progressive jackpots that offer millions of dollars as a prize. Just make sure not to overplay slots, as they can get quite addictive.

The best way to approach them is to spin them a couple of times each day and walk away if the lady luck is not by your side.


eSports is an umbrella term for all the video games that we can play online and against other players. There’s an odd connection between online poker and eSports, as both need a great combination of skill and luck to be the best. If you’re one of the younger poker players, the chances are that you’re already playing games.

Some of the most popular eSports at the moment are games such as Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Dota, LoL, Fortnite, and more. Some of these games are available for free, so if you have no prior experience, you should at least give them a chance.

You might like them after all, and you find yourself a new hobby apart from online poker.

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