Online Poker Accounts Still Subject to Disconnection Issues in New Jersey

888The state of New Jersey may be outperforming Nevada and Delaware with online gaming options, but this does not mean that real money game play is available without issue. According to a recent report by OnlinePokerReport, online poker players have been faced with disconnection issues since the 888 Poker site went live back in November.

The author of the article, Kevin Brkal, speaks about how he has been disconnected via three devices: Windows, iPad and iPhone. Brkal is apparently not the only player with issues. In the report, several players are cited as having issues specifically when online at 888 Poker New Jersey. Players are posting their stories at online poker forums such as PocketFives, TwoPlusTwo and more.

Many players are being disconnected during tournament game play and it is happening more than once during a tournament. As tournaments can take hours to complete, this can be both annoying and frustrating. Players are basically linking up in online poker forums and discussing the disconnection issues and find they are all being disconnected at the same times.

Of course, when a player is disconnected they will seek help with the issue. Contacting customer support may or may not be helpful; it basically depends on who is helping in ways of support. The author of the OnlinePokerReport article was told that while a, 888 Poker player is online the location may be verified during game play as required by the New Jersey Gaming Control Board.

If the location is not verified the player may be disconnected. Support suggests that players check their internet signal to see if it is strong. Most people know this already and have found that this is not the issue. Since the site is required to check the location of the player at varying times, the issue is most likely a geolocation one. If the geolocation scan shows the player is not in the state of New Jersey, they will be disconnected. Geolocation has long been an issue in the US as many players will be in the actual state allowing game play but geolocation shows them elsewhere.

Hopefully the issue behind the disconnects will be discovered and players of 888 will be able to enjoy tournaments and online game play without interruption.


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