New partypoker Managing Director Hints At Software Update

New Managing Director of partypoker Hints At a Software Update

Paris Anatolitis recently did a lengthy interview, as the Entain Group Commercial Director took the managing director role for Party Brands. Among other topics, Paris hinted about the company releasing a Table 3.0 software update with an internal Heads-Up Display (HUD) tool for poker players.

Paris performs his duties alongside Vadim Soloveychik, who is a Poker Director. The two oversee duties that once belonged to Tom Waters, who retired after serving the company for over five years.

Paris detailed everything he talked about during the interview. But, he did not discuss the new software. He mentioned Party Brands was looking into adding a HUD and would confirm the news later when the brand is ready to share all the details.

More Brands Are Adapting HUD

The details about HUD in the upcoming Table 3.0 software are still sparse. But, in the past two years, more and more brands are incorporating similar built-in tools to online poker rooms.

Run it Once was one of the biggest brands to add a HUD to its HeroIQ a year ago. Soon after, Winamax followed the same route and created Stats Tracker. Another brand that has recently launched its HUD is iPoker in March 2021.

But, GGPoker could be the brand with the most sophisticated HUD tool. The brand uses the Smart HUD tool since 2018, which was recently upgraded to feature preflop and post-flop statistics. The brand also added a multi-street function.

partypoker Was Against a HUD

In 2019, partypoker stepped back from competing with global online poker rooms. The brand decided to focus on its clients instead of competing with top operators, creating an unhealthy ecosystem.

One of the things that partypoker stepped back from was using data collection tools such as HUDs. The brand also took aggressive steps against cheaters and bots.

There is no sign that partypoker wants to drop this policy. In fact, Paris maintained that his company wanted to eliminate the need for players to use third parties to level the playing field. However, the poker operator also believes that partypoker needs to help players improve their game.

Still, partypoker wants to focus on security and transparency. The brand recently implemented the real-name policy, requiring players to use their names in a high-profile game. But, players can still use their aliases when playing lower-level games and regular games.

With a new HUD tool, the anonymity that comes with changing alias will be balanced. The tool will enable players to get more information about a player’s gameplay while keeping the type and amount of information that can be shared under partypoker’s control.

Ideally, HUD will give all players a level playing field. It will provide players with an opportunity to access similar information in the same way.

Since the beginning of this year, partypoker has steered clear of outside assistance. With an internal HUD, players will get back their access to information they might need.

For now, it remains a dream that partypoker Table 3.0 software upgrade will come with an internal HUD. We have to wait until the brand is ready to share all the information or until Table 3.0 is released.


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