Nevada Senators Developing Online Gambling Legislation

Nevada_state_sealDean Heller and Harry Reid are both Senators in the state of Nevada who are currently working to develop a new bill related to online poker game play. The state already offers online poker, so this seems like odd news. The story, which was written by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, takes an odd turn as we find out that Reid and Heller are developing a bill that would restore the Wire Act of 1961.

The bill, which is in development, would restore the Wire Act and essentially outlaw online gambling in all forms except for poker. According to Rick Muny, the VP of Player Relations for Poker Players Alliance, the bill will most likely be released in March. Muny took to his Facebook page to discuss the potential bill stating that the bill is ‘odd’.

Muny stated that since Sheldon Adelson is going after poker specifically, he will not be happy with the new bill. Players will also not be able to earn anything from the bill as states already have the authority to authorize online poker, especially since three states have already done so.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, there are even more states now looking into legalized online gambling, which could be detrimental to Nevada, especially when you consider the state of California. Residents of California can easily visit Vegas for casino gaming. But if online gambling is available in the state, players would just stay home, which would essentially hurt the brick and mortar casinos in Vegas.

Heller stated in the article that despite the fact that the legislation seems to be strictly for Nevada, the legislators are trying to work with members of each conference to be able to work on legislation that would provide a solution for everyone, as Heller states: ‘there’s a majority probably around here that want nothing done. You know, they want it Wild, Wild West when it comes to internet gambling. And I don’t think that’s good.’ Heller believes that what he and Reid are trying to do what is best for the state.

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