US Online Gambling Threatened Yet Again

congresslargeThe argument for online gambling in the US seems to be never-ending. While there are a few select states that offer online gambling or poker options, the majority still does not. There are states that are looking into the option but have yet to make a move. The discussion of online gaming takes place on a regular basis on both a state and federal level and it seems as though now, one representative is trying for a federal ban.

According to a recent report at the ReviewJournal, Jason Chaffetz, a Representative of Utah, is working to propose a bill that would reenact a pre-2011 federal ban of online gambling. Chaffetz proposal would join a sponsored bill by South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

According to the report, the bills may be introduced when Congress meets next week. There has apparently been a draft working its way through Capitol Hill which says the legislation would restore a longstanding policy and would prohibit any form of online gambling. The goal of both proposals would coincide with the ideas of Sheldon Adelson, who is most likely behind the bills as he is a huge donor to the Republican party.

Congress has not been able to create legislation for online gambling either for or against the option for some time. However, many lobbyists believe that Adelson is the wild card that could make this happen. The new draft of the bill seems to exempt pari-mutuel betting from the list of online gambling activities. Because of this, states with online lottery options may suffer major issues if the proposals are passed. Of course this would also hurt Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey as they offer online gambling and poker options.

Mary Bono, a Republican Representative of California, has been working to see legislation passed in a positive manner for online gaming. She represents the Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection as a spokeswoman for the organization and commented on the new legislation proposals by stating:

“Banning all online gaming nationwide, as this bill effectively does, would put American consumers at serious risk. It is impossible to stand in the way of the Internet; instead, we should embrace and shape these technologies in a way that is safe for consumers.”

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