Negreanu and Polk Stumble Upon a Disagreement

Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu were hit by the Covid-19 pandemic just like all other poker players. With no enough challenges at the moment, the two players agreed on Twitter to play against each other and ultimately decide who’s a better heads-up player.

They are both extraordinary poker professionals, and they decided to engage in a game, even though they were a sort of frenemies on Twitter.

What happened was that Bill Perkins, who placed a wager on Negreanu, published a Tweet, claiming that Doug Polk was not playing according to the rules. In other words, he publicly revealed the drama that was going on between Negreanu and Polk.

Namely, the two players agreed not to use any kind of special software that would help them in their game. However, they didn’t specify exactly what and what not to use, and the main reason for disagreement arose because of that.

Bill Perkins said that Doug Polk thought it was okay to enter hands manually in the hand history software and get a frequency analysis. On the other hand, Daniel Negreanu thinks that’s definitely cheating. This put Daniel Negreanu at a disadvantage as he hasn’t been doing this, whereas Doug Polk probably has since the start of their duel.

Doug Polk Triggered by Perkins’ Tweet

According to Doug Polk, Perkins’ Tweet wasn’t at all the subject of the argument between him and Negreanu. Namely, Polk said that the two players agreed not to use hand histories and huds, and allegedly neither of those had been used.

However, Polk claims that he has been manually taking notes for every hand. In other words, he would write down things such as how often his opponent bet a flop, and so on.

Moreover, Polk admitted to using the replayer on (a platform they have been using for their match). However, he still claimed that he didn’t have any analyses done by software. In other words, he just examined manually the past hands between the two players.

Negreanu joined the Twitter conversation (what turned out to be Polk’s rant) and invited Phil Galfond to decide whether Polk’s actions are within the rules of the

However, Farah Galfond responded to the conversation, saying that Phil Galfond already has a challenge of his own (Galfond’s challenge) and that he was losing it at that moment. In other words, Galfond had other things to worry about rather than being a judge for Dnegs and Polk.

Therefore, the two players had to wait for Galfond or find some other way to settle this debate before they could return to their virtual poker seats and ultimately decide on the winner.

Luckily, Galfond was able to settle the feud, and the two players returned to playing poker. Negreanu tweeted that he just wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page. Since they are continuing to play as usual, it seems that Polk wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary.

Both Negreanu and Polk are outstanding poker players, and we now have an opportunity to see who’s a better player under given conditions, which is a heads-up duel on the web. Judging by the stats, that’s Polk, but Negreanu is definitely not the one to fool around with, meaning he’ll be a tough nut to crack — if he cracks at all.

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