McEvoy and His Legendary Hand from 1983

Every player has that one moment in their playing history when they can say defined their career. In poker, these moments are often some hands which are played at the right time and the right place. Players often relieve all the emotions that they felt when they played this important hand and one such emotion, misery, and glory is revealed by Tom McEvoy

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Tom McEvoy is a member of Poker Hall of Famer, and his career includes four World Series of Poker bracelets. One of the bracelets that is the closest to his heart is the one won in 1983 Main Event championship when he played his dearest hand. Apart from the bracelets, Tom McEvoy has accomplished much more, having written a lot of books about poker strategy and having won more than $3 million in live tournaments. He still considers the ‘83 hand his biggest win of all time!

During the ‘70, it was Texan players who dominated the land of poker. Some of the names that pop up are Doyle Brunson, Amarillo Slim Preston, and Jack Treetop Straus. One of these players – Amarillo Slim, to be precise, was the main opponent when the famous McEvoy’s hand took place.

When the two players remained alone, there was a big battle, until the hand was reached. The hand began with the flop bringing 10, 6, and four all in different suits. The first to place a bet was McEvoy, and Armadillo Slim immediately made the call. The turn flipped then and revealed an ace which resulted in McEvoy placing a bigger bet this time. This movement made Slim think a bit.

McEvoy recalled that it had been allowed back then to expose a hand to the opponent and see his reaction. This was exactly what McEvoy did – he showed a set of sixes. This was pretty strong, but McEvoy kept betting as he was the preflop raiser. Plus there was an ace out. Slim was a bit confused with everything.

With all this confusion, McEvoy did something which was considered brave back then – he showed just one of his cards to the opponent which sparked an even greater confusion. The card that was flipped was an ace and Slim was annoyed that he already bet almost all of his chips and that there was no coming back.

When the countdown struck zero, Slim’s hand was considered dead as he did not make any moves. However, McEvoy did not tell anyone what the other card in his hand was. In fact, he kept the whole thing secret for days. After a couple of weeks, he finally revealed that he had had a third ace.

Eventually, McEvoy won the game and managed to earn his second bracelet and $540,000. This game made him one of the greatest poker players. In fact, he was relatively unknown before this championship, and it only took one great hand to turn him into a legend.

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