Matt Marafioti in Altercation with Fellow Poker Player

Poker pro Matt Marafioti has made the news yet again and seems to be taking kindly to being a bad boy of poker. Marafioti was participating in a WPT tournament at the Bike and had to be taken away by security after getting into it with Jon Aguiar.

The incident took place during the last break. Marafioti and Aguiar got into a major altercation and the entire tournament room was witness to the event. The incident didn’t seem to be related to the WPT Legends of Poker event and the two were not even sitting beside each other during the tournament.

The event seemed to be connected to an incident that happened off the felt and the event has been discussed on TwoPlusTwo. This incident was posted on the WPT tournament website and they did not get into specifics of what was posted on the poker forums.

Marafioti had his bodyguard in tow and Aguiar posted a Tweet which read that Marafioti was standing in front of his bodyguard and he started yelling at the pro and tried to shove him. Aguiar stated on Twitter that it was not a fight.

Just got assaulted by Matt marafioti in front of the entire tournament room

— Jonathan Aguiar (@JonAguiar) August 24, 2012


It was not a fight, Matt stood 4 feet in front of his bodyguard, started yelling at me, then tried unnecessarily to shove me to the floor

— Jonathan Aguiar (@JonAguiar) August 24, 2012


Marafioti took his Facebook page and posted:

“I think Jon Aguiar will actually get some attention today because of me. Maybe now he will shut up and stop falsely accusing me of things I didn’t do, but it’s doubtful. He just has it out for me is the real truth. It has nothing to do with what he thinks I did or didn’t do. Oh well. F the haters/liars/manipulators. ”

In the end, Marafioti was escorted from the room by security guards and Aguilar following suit a short time later. Play then resumed and both players were still outside the room talking to security. Around seven minutes after the level restarted, Aguiar returned to the room and then pointed out that he missed many hands at the fault of Marafioti. A few minutes later, Marafioti came back to the room and resumed play. Aguiar was eliminated a while later and Marafioti was still left in the competition.


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