Magnus Carlsen’s Hero-Call on Hustler Casino Live Stuns Many Poker Fans

Magnus Carlsen is a former world chess winner and has vast experience at the poker table. He was among the non-poker players who participated in last week’s Hustler Casino Live(HCL) in the Creator Poker Night.

Other players who competed in the tournament included Alexandra Botez and Bryce Hall. The latter is a chess expert, while the former is a Tik Tok star.

Carlsen used the bottom pair to make a bold hero-call against Nick Austin in one instance in the six-hour live action. His move amazed many spectators, some asking whether he is gradually becoming a poker legend. Yet, it wasn’t his first poker game to play.

The Norwegian player competed in the 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event and finished in 25th place. Still, he won $5,680 in the 2022 Norwegian Championships Dublin Main Event.

Is Carlsen a Poker Genius?

Mariano used A?7? to make a $50 open in the early position while playing $10/$25. Carlsen used 4?3? to make a $300 three-bet from the hijack.

Hall used K?5? to make a button flat-call, and Austin used A?J? to make a $1,200 four-bet in the small blind. Mariano avoided clashing with Carlsen, who made a $10,800 effective stack call as Hall folded.

8?4?K? landed on the flop after Austin missed it, and he used ace-high to make a $700 continuation wager. Carlsen used the bottom pair to call.

But, the 9? on the turn didn’t help Austin and prompted him to place another $1,600 bet.

The player liked the bottom pair before making a fast call. The 9? on the river filled the board as Austin pondered on how he would use an unimproved ace-high. David Tuchman, an HCL commentator, stated that Magnus couldn’t beat anything despite holding a pair of fours.

He asked whether Nick would place another bet if Magnus called again. Austin later placed a $3,200 wager that put Carlsen in a tricky position. Even so, the latter knew his position and informed the former that he didn’t believe him.

Carlsen called as Austin assured him of his prowess. The latter used three-four suited to three-bet when preflop action began with Mariano’s open. Carlsen three-bet and made six times raise rather than using a smaller size.

Austin made a $1,200 four-bet in the small blind, and Carlsen opted not to lay it down despite having good pot odds to make a call and increase his pot to $2,775. The latter used the bottom pair to make a flop call, and the former placed a $1,600 wager.

Carlsen put Austin on a bluff after calling a $3,200 bet and tanking on the river. Yet, the latter had gotten bluffed in another hand. Carlsen claimed that Austin lacked enough hands to triple barrel the board, thus drawing the attention of many social media users as some of them expected him to call after getting to the river.

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