Louis Ganser Bags $102,225 and His First RunGood Poker Series Ring at the $1,000 Buy-In RGPS Main Event

JACK Casino in Cleveland, Ohio hosted the RunGood Poker Series (RGPS) Road Trip comprising nine tournaments. The $1,000 Buy-In RGPS Main Event was the most competitive tournament attracting 590 entrants who formed a $508,580 prize pool shared among the top 78 players.

It lasted for three days and had three flights. Louis Ganser won the $102,225 top prize after defeating Jamie Teel in the final hand.

The champion had a medium-sized stack when he advanced to the final day. His stack was further reduced when three tables remained and he stated after winning that a poker player shouldn’t give up in any event.

Ganser previously had $14,533 in live poker winnings before his latest victory. He performed well at the 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Colossus. Also, he often follows the RGPS on X.

The Top Finalists’ Prizes

  1. Louis Ganser from Cleveland-$102,225
  2. Jamie Teel from Elyria-$62,700
  3. Gregory Harris from Painesville-$45,690
  4. William Kopp from Brockville-$34,025
  5. Daniel “Donk” Hughes from Tulsa-$25,760
  6. Shawn Nottingham from Canton-$19,440
  7. Shane Pierce from Willoughby-$15,065
  8. Blake Napierala from Amherst-$11,665
  9. Chase Hounshell from Cleveland-$9,235

How Things Unfolded on Day 3

Nicholas Rigby, Adam Foster, David Worden, Katie Kopp, Greg Raymer, and Ian Richardson got busted fast.  Daniel “DJ” Swartz used ten-nine suited to stake his remaining chips against Daniel “Donk” Hughes’ queen-jack suited. However, Swartz lost and finished 10th.

Shawn Nottingham kicked off the nine-handed final table’s action by raising a blind and got an early stack lead. He straddled thrice the big blind before Chase Hounshell used queen-ten to go all-in.

Nottingham called his remaining chips and cracked Hounshell’s hand hence busting him in ninth place. The former used queen-two to go all-in against Blake Napierala’s pocket nines from the small blind. The queen got two a wheel draw from the flop as Nottingham ended Napierala’s run in the eighth position.

The former used ace-king to move all-in before Hughes used queens to call and get the stack lead. Jamie Teel used ace-eight offsuit to raise while Shane Pierce used ace-king to go all-in with his remaining stack. Teel called and collected Pierce’s chips before busting him in seventh place.

Teel eliminated Nottingham in sixth place with ace-ten after several minutes. Ganser exchanged the stack lead with Hughes several times.

Hughes doubled Gregory Harris and later used queen-ten to call Ganser’s three-bet. Hughes went all-in after a four-high flop occurred hence prompting Ganser to use pocket jacks to call fast. However, Hughes left the table in the fifth position.

William Kopp collected more chips shortly after Hughes’ exit. However, his ace-ten lost to Teel’s ace-king and he finished fourth. Hughes had the least chips when three-handed action began.

Ganser used ten-nine off to go all-in and Harris defended his cards with king-queen off. The river’s ten busted Harris in third place with $45,690. Ganser sent Teel packing as the runner-up with a $62,700 consolation prize.


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