Lock Poker Supposedly Using eCOGRA Symbol without Approval

TwoPlusTwo.com is a popular poker forum where thousands of poker players and fans discuss the game. Many rumors and accusations are started on this forum and most prove to be true. The most recent accusation moving around the forums is that online poker room Lock Poker is using the eCOGRA Seal of Approval without proper approvals.

TwoPlusTwo member STLcards4444 posted a thread about the subject on the forums and the posting was removed. The poster claims that Lock Poker Staff removed the posting but he placed it up yet again because he believes the information is very important to the poker community.

STLcards4444 claims that the main page at Lock Poker has two images which read: Card Shuffling Reviewed by Independent Auditors and Percentage Payout Reviewed by Independent Auditors. These two symbols point to the eCOGRA Seals which read: e-COMMERCE AND ONLINE GAMING REGULATION AND ASSURANCE and are followed by the eCOGRA seal with the words Randomness Report. The site goes on to show two posting supposedly from eCOGRA which state that the proper evaluations have been made for the site. However, STLcards4444 contacted eCOGRA and they told him via email that the seals should not be on the poker site as they have yet to be reviewed or verified for anything.

Lock Poker is continuing to use information that was valid when they were part of the Merge Network, which they are no longer affiliated with. In one email from Tex Rees of Ecourga, STLcards4444 noted that Tex stated: “Thank you for making us aware of this. As Lock Poker is no longer on the Merge Network they should not be displaying the eCOGRA certificates.”

STLcards4444 went on to post at TwoPlusTwo that is a disservice to players that Lock Poker has yet to remove the seals from their site since they are no longer affiliated with the Merge Network. According to the poster, the appearance of the seals gives players the impression that they are playing on a secure site. STLcards4444 went on to post several emails where he called Lock Poker out on the issue.

The emails stated that Lock Poker’s website are outdated since they moved and should be updated soon. Another email stated that they understand his concerns but the site ‘is going through an overhaul’ and this is the delay in removing the seals. The move happened six months ago and STLcards4444 believes this is not a valid excuse. According to the poster, the images could easily be removed and the presence of the symbols without authorization is clearly a fraudulent issue.

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