Justin Liberto Is the New Winter Potomac Poker Open Event No.11: $2,700 Main Event Winner

The Winter Potomac Poker Open’s Event No.11: $2,700 Main Event featured 533 players and had a $1,274,400 prize pool. Yet, only seven entrants advanced to Day 3 on February 6 eyeing the $277,053 top prize and title.

Justin Liberto won the tournament after retaining his stack on the last day and beating Caitlyn Cobb in a tough match. He stated in an interview after the event that he was glad the odds favored him in the last hand.

The poker pro played in the Bahamas up to day Day1b before traveling to compete in the Winter Potomac Poker Open. He arrived at 9 p.m. and rushed to register before 9:45 p.m. Liberto would have missed the tournament if his flight was delayed by several minutes.

The Top Nine Players Prizes

1. Justin Liberto from the U.S.-$277,053
2. Caitlyn Cobb from the U.S.-$172,044
3. Joseph Lebrun from the U.S.-$123,617
4. Mark Dickstein from the U.S.-$90,482
5. Christopher Brown from the U.S.-$68,818
6. Shouyi Gao from the U.S.-$52,250
7. Anthony Lam from the U.S.-$39,506
8. Hal Rotholz from the U.S.-$31,860
9. Tim Faro from the U.S.-$22,302

How Things Unfolded on the Final Day

Anthony Lam was the second-last player in the chip standings when the final day’s action began. He held 17 big blinds and got busted in seventh place after Liberto’s ace-ten beat his king-jack.

Shouyi Gao was the table’s shortest stack, and he increased his chips after Lam’s exit. But, his run ended in sixth place after Cobb’s queen-jack defeated his king-queen in a river card. Cobb’s great form continued as she sent Christopher Brown packing in the fifth position after defeating his ladies.

Mark Dickstein followed Brown in fourth place after losing a blind-on-blind match to Liberto. The eliminations occurred simultaneously in a short period even though the blinds increased constantly.

Joseph Lebrun was the unlucky player as Liberto’s two-pair beat his top pair hence denying him the title and busting him in third place. The latter’s exit set up a fierce heads-up battle between Liberto and Cobb.

Liberto had a chip advantage over his opponent for the better part of the remaining time. He beat her in an attrition battle despite her doubling up several times. The match lasted for a few hours before Cobb’s top pair beat Liberto’s full house hence ending the event.

Cobb was excited to be the runner-up despite losing the title. Her deep run earned her $172,044, and it was among her most successful live poker events to play since Justin Arnwire introduced her to the game.

The talented player is interested in participating in major live events with larger payouts. Certain poker sites offered a live broadcast of the tournament at MGM National Harbor.

The series comprised 16 tournaments that awarded $1,000,000 in prizes. Some of its other winners included:

  • Isiah Ditoro- $96,657 in the $400 Mystery Bounty
  • Manuel Herrera-$25,562 in the $500 5-Card PLO Hi
  • Jacob Mitich-$22,298 in the $400 Monster Triple Stack
  • Vivian Lundgren-$15,685 in $400 NLHE
  • Dongwuk Moon-$23,048 in the $1,200 Freezeout
  • Marc Geissel-$25,806 in the $1,200 5-Card PLO Championship
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