Danny Tang — His Path To Professional Poker

All of a sudden, Danny Tang started playing high stakes poker. This player was nowhere to be found before, and it seems that he just popped out of nowhere. However, no professional ever became a professional at the start of their journey. In poker, just like in everything in life, there is devotion, dedication, and a lot of practice. So – what’s the story of Danny Tang?

Tang comes from Hong Kong, but he grew up in the United Kingdom, where he went to primary school, high school, and university. He was a passionate soccer player, but he also enjoyed a couple of other hobbies along the way, such as clubbing and playing casino games. The problem was that he would take part in pit games only after he had had a couple of drinks, which led to a lot of losses.

Tang actually discovered poker by pure chance, when he entered the poker room in a casino and realized that the game requires some skill and that he could minimize losses. He started playing £1/£1 no-limit cash games and managed to make some extra cash in the process.

However, his true passion was discovered once he found out about tournament poker. At that point, everything changed for Danny Tang.

The first tournament he visited had £150,000 in guaranteed prizes and Tang was definitely into it. Next, he visited an event which had £1 million prize pool, and that was the time he wanted to try playing tournament poker.

Success in Tournament Poker

The first big score that Tang managed to get was in the World Poker Tour National UK, where he won a total of $130,263 after finishing second. At that time, that was more money than Tang ever dreamed of. It was a turning point when he definitely said to himself that tournament poker is something that he should take seriously. He did not take long to find a great coach in Charlie Carrel, a great poker player at the time.

Tang actually stated that he believed poker requires coaching. He thinks that players cannot get better by simply playing a lot and expecting to improve their game along the way. On the contrary, he added that every player should invest money in their poker skills, get a coach, and improve together with them.

After consulting with Carrel and a couple of other professional coaches and poker players, Tang started really crushing. He won a total of $350,000 in 2016, but that was his first year in poker, and he soon managed to double it up in 2017.

The year of 2018 was even more successful as he managed to cash 31 times, winning a total of $945,000. One of his biggest successes during that year was finishing 31st in the WSOP Main Event and winning approximately $230,000.

Now in 2019, Tang is playing super high roller tournaments, and he is doing a pretty good job! If all goes well, he might become one of the best in a couple of years!

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