International Stadiums Poker Tour Announces Changes

As surprising as it sounds, the International Stadiums Poker Tour is still scheduled to take place. The series has had its share of issues and scandals over the past few weeks, before the tour event begins, and now the tour has made the news yet again. The tour made several changes to the format, including doing away with the laptop option needed for the first event at Wembley Stadium.

The ISPT has held awkward press conferences with little to no information as well as denying the original amount of prize money that was first announced for the tour. Players were outraged over this and it will be surprising if the tour sees a large number of competitors when the first event launches in May.

The tour was supposed to kick off at Wembley Stadium in London beginning in May. This event would see players bringing their laptops to the stadium to compete in the early rounds of the tournament. Once the early rounds conclude, those remaining would move from the stands to begin the final round.

Now the tour has announced they will be nixing the idea of laptops and will host six online ‘Day 1s’ so players can earn a spot in the final rounds. The online portion will run from February to May and the buy-in is €300.

Players who buy-in will earn 5,000 in chips and will see levels increase every fifteen minutes. Over the six day time frame, about ten percent of players will move on to Day 2 which will be live at Wembley. The online stacks will appear in live form and players will carry on game play.

On June 1st, other players can buy-in to compete in day 2 for €3,000 and they will receive a starting stack of 50,000. The live game play will last for four days until June 5th when the winner is crowned. The event is supposed to offer €10,000,000 in prize money but this is a massive amount of money that the ISPT has denied they offered in the past. The amount could be hard to reach and it will be interesting to see if the event meets this amount.

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