Inaugural Player Panel Announced by partypoker

There are many poker-related companies which do their best to promote this game around the globe, and none has done so much as partypoker, which is considered the current leader in the online poker industry.

They announced recently that they are going to introduce their inaugural Player Panel, which is a huge step forward for them and will further involve professional poker players from all over the world.

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Although the panel will serve many purposes, its main one is going to be bringing the poker community closer to partypoker. The panel will focus on several issues, starting with involving the panel at creating online and live policies, changing them, and discussing various procedures. Furthermore, they will deal with fraud and possible ways to prevent fraud or collusion as well as solving the existing ones.

One of the focuses will also be the eradication of third-party software which is used while playing poker. Some players simply want to cheat when they play poker online and use various pieces of software for help, which is strictly forbidden by partypoker.

Online poker players have created an ecosystem on their own, and they are a huge sub-culture that follows certain rules of etiquette and fairness. These things are also going to be one of the central topics in the Player Panel.

The players who are involved in the panel will also have an opportunity to collaborate with partypoker on optimizing their products and driving the industry forward. Furthermore, they will help them develop new products and make sure that it reaches the online poker community. In other words, the players are going to play a crucial role in the business side of partypoker.

The players who will be on the panel for starters have been partypoker ambassadors for a long time, and they are Sam Trickett, Joao Simao, Patrick Leonard, Jason Koon, and Ike Haxton. However, partypoker also wanted to include the French and Spanish community which is why they also invited Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and Bruno Fitoussi.

In fact, Grospellier stated that he was very excited to have been involved in the panel. He said that partypoker is leading a renaissance in the poker world, and that he is happy to assist and help poker improve for players in the EU market.

Simao also responded, saying that he has had two great years collaborating with partypoker and that the panel will help him understand their plans better and the way those plans work when discussed or put into practice. He added that he was very proud to become the part of the partypoker player panel team and that he was happy to help improve the condition of poker not only in the LATAM area but all over the globe. He concluded that it would be a pleasure to improve the experience of playing poker for all poker lovers wherever they might be.

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