Isaac Haxton is the Winner of PM Event #4: $10,000 Short Deck Poker

After five and a half hours of active play during the final table, only one player managed to become the winner of the Poker Masters Event #4: $10,000 Short Deck Poker – Isaac Haxton. He was lucky and skillful enough to win a great amount – $176,000. His way up was incredible and full of obstacles, Maurice Hawkins being the last one, and the player that Haxton had to face in the heads-up battle that was full of unexpected hands and weird twists.

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This victory took Haxton to the second position in the leaderboard of the Poker Masters. At the moment, only Brandon Adams is ahead of him and he just has 30 points more, which makes the whole Poker Masters battle a lot more interesting. Haxton did a great job in the previous tournaments of the Poker Masters and managed to cash out a total of four of them, showing that he is more than serious in his intention to win the Purple Jacket.

The whole Short Deck Poker thing was a bit confusing for a lot of new players who are used to Texas Hold’em. In fact, the action was much faster and many simply could not keep up with the pace. Due to the fact that the hand equities are really close to the preflop, the players fell into the trap to go all in and call big stakes. All of that resulted in many turns and sudden rises and falls of many competitors.

Haxton stated that he actually had played his first Short Deck Poker hand the other day. However, he was smart enough to adapt and as the blinds started going up, he managed to learn a bit about it only to have mastered it by the heads-up battle.

Five out of the six players in the final table are the players from the United States, and it is the first five of them, as a matter of fact. The sixth player is Dominik Nitsche who had to hit the rail with a sum of $33,000. The fifth place was taken by Cary Katz who won $44,000 and the fourth was for Andrew Robl, the winner of a nice sum of $55,000. The third player is Ryan Tosoc who won $77,000. Hawkins took $115,000 as a runner-up.

After winning over Hawkins with two pairs, Haxton is now located on the second place in the 2018 Poker Masters Purple Jacket Rankings, with a total of 480 points. Adams still leads with 510, and David Peters shares the third place with Keith Lehr and both of them have 300 points each. Jonathan Depa currently occupies the fifth place with 270 points, and the sixth place is shared by four players who each have 210 points – Cary Katz, Jared Jaffee, Brian Green, and Maurice Hawkins.

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