Howard Lederer Finally Speaks Out on Full Tilt Poker Scandal

For over a year and a half, Howard Lederer has been able to dodge questions about the Full Tilt Poker scandal. Everyone, from the Department of Justice to poker players, have wanted answers about what happened at Full Tilt Poker and now, Lederer is speaking out.

PokerNews sat down with Lederer on September 8th for an exclusive eight hour interview at The Palazzo in Las Vegas. PokerNews has now compiled the information and will be releasing reports as well as video segments of the interview so players can see what really happened. PokerNews is calling the piece, ‘The Lederer’ Files and the posts from the interview began today at the news site.

PokerNews stated on their site: “The video will be released in six or possibly even seven 30-minute video segments. It will all begin with part one and part two on Tuesday, September 18th, and the remainder of the segments will be released throughout this week.”

Matthew Parvis, the Chief Creative Officer at PokerNews and former editor-in-chief, interviewed Lederer for the news piece. Parvis commented in a PokerNews post that: “On Thursday, August 30th, I received a phone call from someone letting me know that Lederer was interested in breaking his nearly two-year silence by sitting down for an interview with PokerNews.”

Parvis went on to stat the he made it clear that if Lederer was looking for an outlet to make this easy on him in return for the opportunity to run the story, then he was not interested. Parvis went on to state: “This was a non-issue, as Lederer mentioned he was willing to sit down at length, and answer all questions I had as candidly as he could.”

The reports and well as information can be seen at PokerNews over the coming days. The first article can be found here.

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