Viktor Blom Earns $200,000 in Matchup against Tom Dwan

Just a few days ago we brought you the news that Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom would take each other on at Full Tilt Poker this past Sunday in a high stakes matchup. The matchup took place on December 9th and lasted less than three hours, and in the end, it was Blom who earned the $200,000 prize.

Both Blom and Dwan put up $200,000 to compete at four No Limit Hold’em tables at FTP. The tables were $100/$200 and the matchup would last around two hours and forty five minutes before Blom would claim the extra $200,000.

The matchup would be slow going in the beginning with a few large pots as well as some all-in moments. The two both play aggressively and in the beginning it was Dwan who would benefit from game play. Dwan would take the first lead and then extend his lead but never ran away with the chip lead.

The two would exchange pot after pot and Blom would continue to keep up his method of aggressive game play. Dwan kept trying but each time, his hand was one upped by Blom. Pretty soon, almost all of the $400,000 was up for grabs. At around the one and a half hour mark, Blom would gain the lead and would not relinquish it.

Blom would earn two large pots and then be up $100,000. In one instance, Blom had flopped trips and Dwan had bluffed his Ace-high so Blom was easily able to take the hand. It was not long before Dwan was down to his last $50,000 on just two tables. Blom continued to push and Dwan was forced to just one table and then Blom shut Dwan down, taking his $200,000 in less than three hours time. The two are sure to face off yet again, but as for now, Blom is the winner of the pro matchup at Full Tilt Poker.

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