High Stakes Poker New Years Resolution – PokerStars Supernova

As we kick off the new year, a new group PokerStars players are inducted into the Supernova group, 82 of them having made the deadline on December 31st.

Several more  online poker players have set their resolution to becoming a Supernova poker player at PokerStars. Supernova is the top of the line for PokerStars players, the loyalty bonus with VIP style perks. The only membership card offered by PokerStars more valuable than the Supernova Card is the SuperNova Elite Card.

Pokerstars SuperNova CardAccording to their website, less than 1/10th of PokerStars players have achieved the very exclusive Supernova status. After being accepted into the Stars supernova club a player must also uphold up specific statistics to retain his or her status.

The next Supernova qualification period began today January 1st 2008 (New Years day in the US Poker world). To join the exclusive poker club and become a Supernova, players must collect 100,000 VIP points within the calendar year, ending of course on December 31st 2008.

Once inside, supernova players that achieve their status next year, in 2008 will be guaranteed their membership through February of 2009.

Amongst other benefits, and membership status Supernova Poker Players at Stars receive the following:

  • Trade 100,000 points for $1,500 VIP Reward
  • Earn 250% more FPP Points
  • Access the PokerStars Supernova Store.
  • Exclusive $20,000 Freeroll Invitation – 100 FPP Buy-in
  • $50.000 Weekly Freeroll Invitation
  • $100,000 Monthly Freeroll Invitation
  • Use FPP Points to buy into WSOP main event, Caribbean Adventure, EPT and other LIVE tournaments.

After Supernova status has been achieved, PokerStars players can aim for an even more exclusive piece of plastic, a membership card entitling them to all the benefits of Supernova Elite.

  • Earn 400% Frequent Player Points
  • Free travel and entry into PokerStars Signature Events such as the WCOOP Main event.

This time last year Pokerstars named the first ever Supernova achiever. The player in question is a well known online gambler who achieved the feat within two weeks of the programs announcement. Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, a professional online gamer according to the PokerStars  website has devoted his recent life to the career of online gambling.

As he reached his goal of Supernova status nearly a year ago, ElkY paid his dues in a session that lasted more than 24 hours. Shortly thereafter he began pacing his play in effort to use his Frequent Player Points to purchase a Porches.

    “I think the Porsches is a reasonable goal by the end of the year, but there are so many awesome things in the program such as WSOP buy ins and LCD screens.”

ElKy wasn’t satisfied with just being the first ever PokerStars Supernova, he put in his time yet again, spending four months accumulating 1 million PokerStars Frequent Player Points to become the very first member of PokerStars Supernova Elite as well.

    “It was really really hard work but I’m proud I still managed to be the first to get it,” ElkY said.

At least 5 PokerStars Supernova cardholder’s have used their frequent player points for the purchase of new Porches, including both, Dario Minieri who was the firs Elite member to swoop up a new Porsche with his Full Tilt frequent player points.

ElkY has since been joined by 39 SuperNova Elite members. More than 2 Billion FPP’s were spent in the PokerStars VIP store during 2007, and ElkY thus far, has not purchased the Porsche.

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