Hawkins Wins Another Ring At WSOPC Choctaw Durant

The World Series of Poker Circuit has officially resumed the tour, and the first stop this year is Choctaw Durant. Many poker enthusiasts are currently competing in various interesting events to receive a gold ring, along with other lucrative prizes.

One of the players who already managed to add another ring to his collection is Maurice Hawkins.

Hawkins has been the leader on the all-time ring list for a long time. This is his 14th ring, which just added to his first-place total on the leaderboard.

In other words, Hawkins is the only player to have won this many rings. The next player on the list is a Romanian player, Valentin Vornicu, who has a total of 12 rings in his collection.

Moreover, a fellow American player, Joshua Reichard, also has 12, sharing second place with Vornicu.

The all-time ring leader has recently made some really big criticisms towards the way WSOPC woks. Nevertheless, he continued competing in events and managed to top the 218-strong field in Event No. 5.

It was a $400 buy-in No-Limit Hold ’em event that took place on the first day, claiming a total of $16,898 along the way.

The total event playtime was approximately 12 hours, which was enough for Hawkins to claim the victory. He stated that he had got his “mojo” back by winning this event.

Hawkins couldn’t have started his 2020 better. In fact, he claimed that it felt good to start the year with a victory, meaning it meant only to get better from that point on.

The Final Table — Hawkins Dominates All the Way

Hawkins already had more than a million in chips at the start of the final table, and everybody else had up to 300,000. Therefore, he wasn’t hesitating to use and abuse his position as the chip leader to navigate straight to heads-up play.

The final table consisted of nine players. Daniel Lowery was the first one to say goodbye to other players, winning $1,467 along the way. Shortly after, he was followed by Jesus Gonzalez from Eagle Pass, Texas, who won a total of $1,810.

The player to end up seventh was Samuel Murphy, who managed to earn $2,299 for his effort. Phillip Jones hit the rail shortly after that and won $2,985. Fifth place was reserved for Michail Kotsifis from Houston, who won $3,958.

Fourth place was occupied by Billy Sasin for $5,359, and the last player to hit the rail before heads-up play was Kurt Haiss from Florida, who won $7,406.

The last part of the event saw the clash of two giants — Andrew Robinson and Hawkins. Robinson is not new to WSOPC events either, as he also has quite a collection of gold rings — seven of them.

However, he was not able to face the true WSOPC legend and ended up second with $10,442.

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