An Outbreak Of Pneumonia In China Marks Beginning Of Macau’s 2020

Macau has been struggling with health-related issues for quite a while. Last year, a minor case of rubella outbreak seemed like a wake-up call for many employees and operators.

They started paying attention to the overall state of affairs in the area and increased health checks for employees of casinos and related facilities.

Nevertheless, many people working in Macau were not satisfied with the measures being taken and demanded even better procedures when it comes to preventing health-related issues. The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ in Portuguese) assured everyone that everything is alright.

Moreover, the Bureau pledged to take better care of employees’ health and respond to some of their demands.

At this point, it seems that the calls made by employees were actually a prophecy rather than concern. Mainland China, which is the country where most of the visitors in Macau come from, is currently experiencing a pneumonia outbreak.

This viral disease is spreading very fast, and it could be one of the major factors to affect Macau. Vegas of the East is now under two types of threats as both their finances and the health of people working there could be affected.

Major Launch Point For Macau Is Experiencing Pneumonia Outbreak

Wuhan is a city in China that is one of the major launch points for people who want to visit Macau. Chinese authorities issued a report and raised alert as the city recorded cases of viral pneumonia.

The origin of this disease is currently unknown, but what everyone knows is that it’s spreading rather quick.

The report issued by the authorities considers this threat “serious,” and the Macau Health Bureau believes that there’s a medium threat for Macau at this point.

However, there’s a good reason for concern in Macau as five people already reported to the doctor with high fever and respiratory issues. What all of them have in common is that they all visited the city of Wuhan in the period of two weeks before they received the treatment.

According to tweets posted by The World Health Organization (WHO), a total of 59 people were recorded with a case of pneumonia in mainland China last month.

According to them, the Chinese authorities ruled out numerous possibilities and are still searching to identify the origin of this illness.

The Macau Health Bureau is quick to act to ensure the protection of everyone visiting casinos. Namely, all casinos are required to install the body temperature screening equipment.

According to a report, some of the casinos already responded to the DICJ request.

Although it’s rather early to raise any alarms when it comes to potential health issues in Macau, their finances are probably going to suffer. Macau already had a bad past year finance-wise, and this is definitely not a good start for the area.

Therefore, many analysts fear that this outbreak could affect how casinos perform in January and months to come.

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