Full Tilt Poker Pro’s Admit to Violating Terms to Beat isildur1 out of $4m+

Full Tilt Poker says the sharing of hand histories is collusion, and some guys from Card Runners say that they shared their collective hand histories to take down ilsidur1, so if sharing hand histories is collusion, and collusion is cheating, these guys should be banned, and ilsidur1 refunded right?

Hastings had played Isildur1 three times previously, so he, Townsend and Cole South conglomerated their hand histories, allowing them to study the mystery man’s playing style. – ESPN

Wait, it’s not that simple say many an online poker player, the players contend that everyone shares histories, and there’s definitely evidence of the practice in many online poker forums and who the players ask is going to punish or even seek out every single player to ever share his hand history and make him give the money back to every player that lost a match as a result?

One thing seems to be certain, the fella’s at Card Runners haven’t read the Full Tilt Poker rules and Regs recently, or they wouldn’t have been so public as to tell ESPN in an interview that they’d colluded.

Below is an exert from Full Tilt Poker’s rules and regulations, as provided by a forum poster on the 2+2 poker forum:

Not Permitted Under Any Circumstances:

2. Shared hand history databases and “data mining” software, including subscription services and the exchange of personal databases:

The use of shared hand histories provides detailed information on opponents a player has little or no personal experience playing against, and is deemed to be an unfair advantage. Violating this policy is subject to the maximum penalties for prohibited software use.

Players are not permitted to use the hand histories for hands that they have not personally participated in. Software designed to collect hand history information from games that the player did not participate in is prohibited. Some specific examples include:

•community shared hand histories
•exchanging hand histories with a friend

Rumor has it that the CardRunners gang teamed up against ilsidur1 and together took him for $4.1 MILLION dollars.  According to the poker community, Brian Townsend admitted publicly that hand histories were shared, studied, compared, however you want to put it, and then the community further assumes the team put together a strategy to take the high stakes online poker player down.

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  1. This is garb. They didn’t violate any rules. The rule quoted in the article specifically states over and over again that sharing software is against the rules, not sharing personal hand histories among friends. And yes, even the last sentence says that.
    And don’t think for a second that Isildur1 isn’t doing the same thing. He’s playing for millions of dollars. He certainly has a group of high stakes poker playing friends with whom he shares hand histories.

  2. They shared hand histories, they violated the terms they all should be banned. this is the second slap on the wrist for so called red pro townsend…he now has recvd two slaps on his wrist…..he should be banned for good and it just shows how rigged fulltilt poker is…as they allow owners to play on the site like howard ledherere and phil ivory and chris fergieson etc etc. Another reason to ban online poker in the US.
    Full tilt cant be trusted at all and this is your proof!!!
    they ban others for one little thing but a red pro…well we will just take his red color away….that is such a harsh punishment. He cant live without seeing his name in red…OMG.
    Bye bye full tilt

  3. ive been hearing alot of stories about this bullshit site and i find it hard not to believe that theres nothing but cheating going on at this fraud site.

    why the hell are they operating outside of us legislation for a start.
    wherever there is crap loads of cash there is also corruption.

    i wouldnt trust ftp as far as i could throw them
    im still waiting for replies from over 50 emails ive sent these theives

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