Isildur1 Wounded by Poison Ivey

You’ve probably seen his name all over the Internet this last week, Isildur1 has been tearing up the felt, and scooping up some high stakes pots. Until the Lord of the Rings Warrior got ahold of what might have been some poison Ivey last night. You might remember Isildur1 from a story involving durrrr, Tom durrrr Dwan, that took place right after durrrr signed with Full Tilt Poker. Isildur1  Took the poker pro to task, and to the bank, where he robbed him of more than $3million dollars.

He also got tangled up in a little Ivey early on, passing the world renound Phil Ivey $900 k of his poker profits. Well Isildur1 was seen at the high stakes poker tables with Ivey again last night, and this time, Ivey left a mark.  Both of these players took their seats and began with $500/$1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha and No-Limit Hold’em.
They played for less than an hour, Ivey was up by 100 grand or so before taking a break. A couple minutes after they returned from break Ivey dug into Isildur1, scooping up a $354,000.00 pot (You could buy a house with that.).

During the rest of what would be a three hour long sessions Ivey peeled another 1.1 million dollars from Isildur1

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