Michigan Players Joining Bigger WSOP Pool

The Sault Tribe Claims That the Compact Allows It to Lower Gaming Age to 18 in Its Michigan Casinos

The state of Michigan has signed an agreement for shared liquidity when it comes to online poker, but that hasn’t really benefited players in the state up to this point. PokerStars has combined players from Michigan and New Jersey in some tournaments, but nothing on a massive level. 

That is going to be changing in the month of May as Michigan online poker players are soon going to have a ton of opportunities through World Series of Poker. WSOP.com is expected to announce a major change to begin the month of May, and it will impact the WSOP.com 2024 schedule. 

WSOP is planning to update its servers in both New Jersey and Nevada and that will put those states on the same level with Michigan. Not only that, but players from those three states will be able to compete in the same tournaments throughout the schedule in 2024. 

WSOP.com had much smaller prize pools available in Michigan a year ago, and there were only seven bracelets handed out. Players from New Jersey and Nevada were able to compete for some passive prize pools, and 20 players were able to take home bracelets. 

It’s unclear what the new tournaments are going to look like, but this will be the first time that all three states are now included. For the good percentage of the 10 million people that play online poker in Michigan, there will now be much more at stake. 

Plenty of Work

WSOP is expected to make an official announcement on May 1, but it’s pretty clear that something big is coming. Information about the 2024 WSOP schedule has been removed from the site in all three states, and the new rules and tournament schedule will soon be released. 

There will likely be a brief period where the site cannot be accessed in those three states as WSOP.com will need to get them all on the same server. Even though players in Nevada and New Jersey are currently in the same pool, they are playing on outdated servers. 

Players are going to notice a big change in those states, and Michigan players will soon have new competition to check out. This big change could also lead to other states joining this pool as there will be some massive money being handed out. 

A Boost in Competition

Pennsylvania is the other big market when it comes to online poker, but leaders in that state have not yet signed an intrastate poker agreement. This will now put a ton of pressure on leaders of that state to give their poker players the same opportunity. 

Not only will this create more competition within the three states, but it should also have a big impact on the entire poker industry. Other sites will need to launch similar opportunities or they will lose out on customers to WSOP.com. 

There will be much more information to come when WSOP makes the official announcement, but this is a big day in the online poker industry.

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