Molly Bloom Pleads Guilty in New York Illegal Poker Case

handcuffsBack in April, the FBI began to serve federal search warrants across the United States as part of an illegal gambling ring sting operation. The gambling ring was connected to organized crime in Russia and saw several arrests including known poker pros. The search warrants were executed in several states including New York where one suspect, Molly Bloom, was believed to be running the illegal poker games.

Known as the Poker Princess, Bloom has now pled guilty to the charges she faces for running the illegal high stakes poker games. The games were enjoyed by famous celebrities as well as Wall Street businessmen and certain reports even linked Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck to the poker games. Bloom is just one of thirty four people that were indicted during the investigation.

Bloom gained a reputation for organizing the high stakes poker games and was in court yesterday, entering a guilty plea. Bloom told the judge that she as well as others would host the games at The Plaza in New York City. Each poker pot had a rake, which is considered illegal in the state of New York and the court records show that pots were known to reach tens of thousands of dollars.

The Poker Princess could have been sent to prison for as many as five years but she decided to take a plea deal, which earned her considerably less punishment. With the deal, Bloom will now serve probation or no more than six months in prison. Sentencing in this case will not take place until spring of next year.

As of now, twenty four people have pled guilty in the case. Plea agreements have been signed by many of the people indicted in the case to gain more information in the matter. Players who were charged in the case include: Bill Edler, Abe Mosseri, Justin Smith, Peter Feldman, John Hanson and Vadim Trincher.





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