China Steps Up the Game in Combating Illegal Gambling

China is a country that really puts its plans to action and executes them in no time. Sometimes their plans are not liked by certain groups of people, but the latest plan they want to execute is related to illegal gambling.

This has been a problem in China for quite a while, and the law enforcement authorities of this country want to eradicate it by putting an end to illegal gambling on the web that takes place cross-border. Furthermore, they want to discover all the illegal banks and payment platforms that make such services possible.

The embassy of China located in the Philippines has issued a statement, claiming that they will focus on finding all the domestic companies and network operators that provide services and technical support to the illegal online casinos.

According to a report by GGRAsia, all kinds of online gambling activities are considered illegal in China. In fact, any kind of gambling is not allowed in mainland China, and the only place where Chinese people could actually enjoy this type of entertainment is Macau.

However, during the past couple of years, mainland China started experiencing problems as many illegal casinos appeared all over the web. iGaming operators started offering exclusive games for the Chinese clientele, and one of the nations that hosted most of these online platforms was the Philippines.

The government of Beijing was seriously angered by this behavior of their neighboring country and issued an official statement that will put an end to this problem.

The Official Statement

The official statement says that the Ministry of Public Security of China will put all their effort into cracking down all the illegal activities related to cross-border gambling. The country will start with the major cases and will further focus on destroying the network of criminal organizations responsible for offering these casino activities to the Internet users of China.

The fingers were pointed at the Philippines — Manila, to be specific, as the city is believed to have hosted many such online casinos. In fact, the Chinese statement called for all neighboring countries to start combating all kinds of money laundering and the “illicit employment of Chinese nationals.”

Furthermore, the statement claims that one of the reasons why the crime rate and social problems increased in China recently is illegal gambling. Many Chinese citizens are lured into gambling activities on the web and lose a lot of money, creating problems not only for themselves and their families but also for the entire country.

Finally, the Chinese government addressed one of the issues related to Chinese nationals living in the Philippines. Namely, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation stated that all Chinese nationals who work in online gaming enterprises would be “relocated to ‘self-contained’ communities.”

The Chinese embassy expressed their concerns over such treatment of the Chinese expats. The embassy strongly urged the government of the Philippines to protect the rights of their people living there.

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