List of Names Released in Recent FBI Gambling Ring Bust

FBIYesterday we reported that the FBI had conducted a nationwide raid that was connected to the Russian mob. Certain individuals were considered to be running illegal gambling operations and had ties with the Russian mob.

Search warrants were carried out in several cities including: New York City, Miami, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. New reports have now surfaced and the names of those involved have been released.

Preet Bharara, US Attorney of the Southern District of New York, has indicted thirty four people of being involved with several illegal gambling activities from sports betting to high stakes poker games.  Included in the list are several top poker pros such as Abe Mosseri, Peter Feldman and Bill Edler. Also included in the list is Molly Bloom, who is known for organizing high stakes poker games for big name celebrities including Leonardo Dicaprio, Toby Maguire and more.

The alleged leader of the Taiwanchik-Trincher Organization group is Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, who is also included in the list. Other leaders of the organization include: Anatoly Golubchik and Vadim Trincher. The indictment read, in part:

“The Taiwanchik-Trincher Organization was an international organized-crime group with leadership based in New York City, Kiev and Moscow, and that operated throughout the United States.”

As we mentioned yesterday, an art gallery in New York was part of the FBI raid. We now know the raid took place at the Helly Nahmad Gallery which is located in the Carlyle Hotel. The gallery is owned by Hillel “Helly” Nahmad and he is believed to be the financial backer of the multi-million dollar operation. ‘

The indictment alleges that the group took part in laundering money to be able to move millions in gambling earnings located in the Soviet Union to Cyprus using fake companies. This money was then used to invest as well as create more fake companies in the United States.

List of people indicted in the case:

  1. Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov
  2. Vadim Trincher
  3. Anatoly Golubchik
  4. Michael Sall
  5. Stan Greenberg
  6. Illya Trincher
  7. Hillell Nahmad
  8. John Hanson
  9. Noah Siegel
  10. Jonathan Hirsch
  11. Arthur Azen
  12. Donald McCalmont
  13. Dmitry Druzhinsky
  14. Alexander Zaverukha
  15. Alexander Katchaloff
  16. Anatoly Shteyngrob
  17. Ilya Rozenfeld
  18. Peter Skyllas
  19. Ronald Uy
  20. Nicholas Hirsh
  21. Bryan Zuriff
  22. Moshe Oratz
  23. Kirill Rapoport
  24. David Aaron
  25. Justin Smith
  26. Abraham Mosseri
  27. William Edler
  28. Peter Feldman
  29. Eugene Trincher
  30. Edwin Ting
  31. Molly Bloom
  32. William Barbalat
  33. Yugeswar Rajkumar
  34. Joseph Mancuso


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