Full Tilt Remissions Process Seems to be Complete

Since early 2014, former poker players of Full Tilt poker have received refunds due to the remission process supervised by the Department of Justice in regards to the poker site and Black Friday dealings. Reportedly, the remissions process is complete and the Garden City Group has announced that all petitions from players that were received seeking funds have now been processed in some form or fashion.

Flushdraw.net is reporting the completion of the remissions process with the Garden City Group having completed the ninth and final round of refunds to former FTP players in the United States. The last round of payments would see around 1,000 individuals receiving refunds worth around $2.7 million. This round of payments included petitioners who had confirmed their account balances at FTP along with those who had disputed account balances and individuals who are considered ‘professionals’.

In total, the process has seen around 45,000 gaming accounts balances repaid totaling close to $115 million in approved remission payments. The Garden City Group reported around 135 petitions were denied along with 1,500 petitions that had been denied in the past. Right now, what remains is the denied petitions that are under an active appeal, the number of which is currently unknown. According to Flushdraw, the Garden City Group stated that they will continue to work with the Department of Justice to evaluate appeals as well as any previously denied petitions that have been ruled as payable will be included in an upcoming distribution.

If another distribution of payments were to occur, this may been seen as a tenth wave. However, it could be that the payments will be handed out in a different way such as per individual.

History of Refunds within the Full Tilt Remission Process:

Time Frame Number of Accounts Total Amount Paid
February 2014 27,500 $76 million
April 2014 2,200 $5 million
June 2014 3,200 $14 million
September 2014 600 $1.8 million
March 2015 3,500 $2.8 million
June 2015 4,000 $4 million
November 2015 2,000 $5.7 million
March 2016 1,180 $2.6 million
November 2016 1,000 $2.6 million


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