Full Tilt Poker Opens 6-Max High Stakes Cash Tables

Full Tilt PokerFull Tilt Poker has launched four brand new high-stakes cash tables, thanks to the input of its newest Full Tilt Pro, Patrik Antonius. Patrik, who has already reserved seats in these ultra-high-stakes poker tables, is suspiciously responsible for naming the tables as well; three of them being named after his likeness – the “Patrik” table, the “Antonius” table, and (you guessed it), the “Patrik Antonius” table.

The high-stakes poker cash tables aren’t your garden variety blend, presenting bankroll requirements of $40k to $50k just to claim a seat.

The cheapest of the four (and I use the term “cheap” very loosely!) is the “Antonius” table, requiring $40,000 to join. This 6-seater table features Deep Stack PL Omaha with $2k/$4k blinds.

Next on the list, only because the blinds start much lower, is the “RailHeaven” 6-seater, featuring NL Hold’em with $500/$1,000 blinds. This high-stakes poker table requires a $50k bankroll to participate.

Omaha Hi-Lo fans will enjoy the new “Patrik” 6-seater – at least to watch if not play – requiring $50k to join and $2k/$4k blinds to start.

Finally, Full Tilt Poker has opened the “Patrik Antonius” 6-seater cash table, playing H.O.R.S.E. with $2k/$4k blinds, also requiring $50k to be seated.

While some may expect these tables to see very little activity, the poker industry is speculating otherwise. If you think about it, why should Full Tilt Pros make their way to the Las Vegas “Big Game” when they could stay home, save money on rake and tips, earn the same potential profits, and complete their online poker time requirements all at the same time?

It is safe to say Patrik Antonius himself will be spending his spare time at the tables. No one is quite sure where Antonius gets this extra time, considering his current commitments in the 2008 World Series of Poker, but apparently he does.

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