Fedor Kruse Accused of Cheating in Online Poker

Fedor Kruse, a high-profile online poker player, has been accused of cheating in high-stakes cash games. His roommates have provided evidence that Kruse used prohibited tools to improve his success in the game.

Kruse’s roommates claim Kruse was using a setup involving two computers to fool the mouse tracking systems. This setup allowed him to play the game on one computer and keep a solver open on the other one. During a hand, he would use a solver to determine an applicable pre-solved spot and follow the decision from there, allowing him to make game-theory optimal decisions almost instantaneously.

Solvers are online tools that provide real-time assistance to poker players when they engage in online poker. Using solvers is prohibited by online poker platforms.

Evidence Provided

Manuel and Niklas are Kruse’s former roommates who used a post on TwoPlusTwo to provide evidence about the cheating. They posted screenshots of the chat between them and Kruse, as well as a photo of his double-computer setup for playing poker.

The picture shows a setup involving three monitors, with four tables open on one of them. Three of the visible tables are on Natural8, and one on America’s Cardroom. Moreover, there is a picture of the solver in use on the side monitor, as the hand is active.

Additional evidence was provided in the form of chat screenshots, where the German player, using the nickname “YoUtUbE sTaR,” allegedly asked his friends about some of the hands he played.

Kruse uses “GlitchSystem” as the online username, and that’s also visible on one of the screenshots, which happens to match with his poker ID on Poker Stars.

About Fedor Kruse

Kruse started his career as a video game streamer. At one point, his Call of Duty stream had more than 400,000 subscribers. However, around 2015, he decided to transition to playing poker.

His fellow German players became suspicious of Kruse’s immediate and substantial success, quickly ascending the stakes from $100NL. He started playing on GGPoker for $200/$400 stakes and continued his rapid climb. According to many people who played with him, he often made many “non-intuitive” plays that were in line with what the solver approved. Moreover, he raised further suspicion as he would play only 100 BBs deep, ideal for solver translations. Finally, he used exact bet-sizings, just like a solver is programmed.

Kruse also took part in WSOP events which were held on GGPoker. He managed to make it to the final table at one of the bracelet events and made it to the heads-up in a circuit event, but failed to win it.

His roommates bought action from Kruse while he was playing, and they acknowledged that fact. Moreover, they evicted him from their apartment on August 31 and said that they needed to go public with Kruse’s secret, as no sanctions had been enacted for his breaking the rules.

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