Farah Galfond – A Soap Opera Star and a Poker Player

If you are at least a bit into poker, you probably heard about the PLO King called Phil Galfond. He declared himself a professional poker player and managed to create one of the most popular poker sites for training people called Run It Once. But this is not his greatest success. In fact, Galfond also won his third World Series of Poker Bracelet in a $10K PLO tournament. However, this article is not about Phil at all, but about his life partner – Farah Galfond.

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Farah’s maiden name was Fath and she was a soap opera star when she suddenly discovered that she has enormous love towards poker. She started by playing in cast & crew home games during the shooting of One Life to Live back in 2007. It did not take much for her to get immediately hooked and try to explore more and learn more about poker. Just a couple of years later, one of the best poker players became her husband as well.

Regarding her acting career, Fath mainly has to thank her mother who did everything possible to help her daughter fulfill her dream and appear on the television screen. When her mom took her to L.A when she was 14 for casting, one of the agents immediately recognized her talent and helped her in the audition for Days of Our Lives. Needless to say, Farah passed the audition with the maximum score as she was also a big fan of the show. She played Mimi and was on the show for 7.5 years. Apart from this role, she also starred as Gigi on One Life to Live.

According to her, poker and acting are very similar. She stated that acting was therapeutic just like any other kind of art. Farah stated that she loved the challenges in acting which involved getting better, going deeper, and breaking the walls constantly. These very things are the main reason why she fell in love with poker as well.

Farah was a long-time fan of Phil, whom she followed through his Twitter account. As soon as the two of them met in real life, the true love was born, and Farah decided to change her last name from Fath to Galfond in May 2015. This event made Farah bring some life-changing decisions which involved quitting her acting career and focusing only on playing poker.

Her poker game started with $2/$5 and then she switched to $5/$10. It was a difficult transition up for her, but before you know it, she was playing high stakes. Upon being asked what was her favorite thing about poker, Farah stated that it was the infinite amount of interesting situations where every session is tense and represent a real challenge. She added that she was learning from such challenges to further improve her game.

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