MSPT Venetian — James Carroll Wins $1,100

It was time for James Carroll to show off his poker skill once again. However, no chops took place this time, and he managed to top the even, earning a total of $180,850.

Two years ago, Carroll went to the final table and managed to survive to the very end when he decided to chop the prize at a DeepStack Extravaganza event, winning $184,000 in the process. Now, he managed to top MSPT Venetian $1,100 after beating William Chao in the heads-up. The field consisted of 1,009 entries, and Carroll managed to emerge on top of it, recapturing some moments from 2019, when he had an amazing performance. Some would say that he was actually just taking a break in 2020, like many other poker players, who were stopped from visiting live casino events due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Carroll made a short comment, claiming that it was nice to put a stop to the online grind. He also added that the tournament was probably one of the best in his life as he had had “a lot of big hands and got paid a lot.”

James started well early on and started his run with a big stack, which was about 100 big blinds. He then stepped up his game during the final two tables when he started getting big hands during the rounds when his opponents went all-in. Even before the final table started, Carroll already had 20% of all chips, which was a huge advantage for the last part of the tournament. Still, Chao was one player who managed to double up just before the final table, proving to be Carroll’s biggest opponent in the tournament.

The Final Table Overview

The first player to hit the rail in the heads-up play was Monty Ford, who won a total of $15,660. After that, it was time for Justin Ligeri to leave the felt, winning $21,532 for his effort.  Next, Carroll managed to score two eliminations in a row. Veselin Dimitrov was the first one, and he had to leave the table with a total of $28,383 in his pocket. The second player that fell victim to James Carroll was Bill Lewis, who ended in fifth place and won a total of $38,170.

Carroll then continued to score eliminations after Daniel Cammarco in the fourth place and Daniel Jones in third. Cammarco won a total of $57,745, whereas Jones scored $84,171Still, William Chao managed to keep up with Carroll and proved to be quite a challenge in the heads-up part of the tournament.

At the start of their duel, Chao immediately let Carroll know that he is not going away easily. However, Carroll was a better player that day, so Chao had to settle for the consolation prize of $135,277. Carroll commented on Chao being a “super tough player,” and that’s why the two of them made a small saver of $10k at one point.

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