Everest Poker Offering WSOP Qualifiers Special $1 Million Bonus

Everest Poker is the official sponsor for the 2009 World Series of Poker so it would only be natural for the online poker room to offer players a special incentive for qualifying for the tournament series via their website. Everest Poker is offering players who qualify for the WSOP Main Event at their poker room a chance to earn some extra cash, up to $1 million.

Players who qualify for the Main Event via Everest Poker and manage to cash out will have their winnings matched by Everest Poker. The combined earnings of qualifiers can get as high as $1 million before they will be split between all qualifiers who manage to cash out during the Main Event.

For example: let’s say three people who qualify at Everest Poker cash out during the Main Event. The first player earns $50,000, the second earns $100,000 and the third player earns $200,000. Matching each prize would equal $350,000, which would be divided between the three players. So each player would earn just over $100,000 each! Just think of the possibilities if the winnings get up to $1 million.

Everest Poker qualifiers start at just $3 and four will be held in May. Players can find more information on the qualifiers at the Everest Poker website.






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