Dwan Earns $230,000 in Nine Minutes against Antonius

This past weekend yet another session of the ‘durrrr’ Challenge took place between Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan and Patrik Antonius. The two played for only nine minutes and during that time Dwan was able to earn just over $230,000 from Antonius.

The two finished sixty one hands during the nine minute session and Dwan earned $230,710 for his efforts. This win lets Dwan keep his lead and he now is getting close to $2 million in winnings. The total challenge between the two has seen 33,303 hands played out of the 50,000 it takes to complete the challenge.

The biggest pot of the short session came when Antonius led the betting with a $1,200 raise. Dwan raised to $3,600 and Antonius called. Dwan then led the betting with $4,800 on a flop of K-Q-J and Antonius called. The turn saw a 7 card and Dwan bet again this time raising it to $12,200. Antonius brought it up to $53,400 and Dwan went all in with $88,398.

Antonius called of course with his $83,717 and Dwan showed A-Q-10-8 which was a Broadway straight. Antonius held Q-9-6-2 and his only hope was a flush draw. The river was a Jack and no help to Antonius who gave Dwan the pot of $184,234.

The Challenge is coming to an end and Antonius needs to get to work if he wants to catch up and have any chance of winning the challenge. The challenge has just over 16,000 hands left to play and Antonius needs to win almost $2 million to catch Dwan. If he doesn’t catch up soon, Antonius will see himself paying Dwan the $500,000 bet he wagered with the challenge.

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