Daniel Negreanu Makes Poker After Dark Lead

In the second Poker After Dark season three show featuring Ken Light and his dream table, It was Daniel Negreanu making his mark moving to the top of the leader board. Jennifer Harmon couldn’t get anything going dropping to the bottom and as for Ken Light, the amateur poker player didn’t play any hands he did not blind into, even folding KJ off suit in back to back hands.

Daniel showed us the power of any hand as he raised first in with 7h2c and was call by Matusow with AdJd from the small blind. The flop was checked in the dark by Mike “the Mouth” and came Kd6hKc in which Daniel promptly bet $1,200. He was called by Matusow. The turn brought the 3c and they both checked and the river brought the 7s.
Matusow checked and with Negreanu claiming that he had to have the best hand bet $2,000. Mike called and led Daniel to laughingly say,

“I probably didn’t have the best hand before the flop but I did get it on the river.”

In which Matusow, seemingly unimpressed said.

“That’s why you’re the best Danny.”

Negreanu wasn’t through though as the very next hand he gets 72 suited being first to act, raises to $900 and the table folds around he quickly shows the 72 of clubs and rakes in the blinds with a smile.

This show ends with all 6 players still in the game and a chance to win the $120,000 winner take all tournament.

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