Conservative Group Shows Opposition to RAWA Bill

USA FlagThe Restoration of America’s Wire Act has been reintroduced and many groups are back in action trying to stop the legislation from moving forward. With any piece of legislation, there are going to be those who are opposed and those who are for the measure. In this case, anyone involved with the online gambling is opposed, trying to keep the i-Gaming industry in the US moving foward. In a surprising move last week, we now learn that a conservative group is also in opposition to the bill which would ban online gaming activities in the US.

The American Conservative Union came forward last week in opposition of the bill, a group that may would feel would be on the same bandwagon as Representative Jason Chaffetz and Las Vegas Sands Sheldon Adelson. The group has responded to the reintroduction of the bill by stating their opposition based on the fact the bill gives federal control over an issue that should be controlled by the individual states.

Dan Schneider is the Executive Director for the American Conservative Union and released a statement on the group’s thoughts of the legislation. In the statement, Schneider said that Jason Chaffetz is a ‘good conservative’ with a lifetime rating of 94% with the ACU. However, the group is disappointed that on this issue, he is siding with ‘big government’. In the statement, it reads that conservatives do not have to agree on the value of gambling but they should agree that is it ‘unwise to use the brute force of the federal government to try and stop states from making their own decisions on this activity’.

The statement further read that the ACU trusts the governors of the individual states to set the gambling regulations in each state be it regulation or prohibition. The ACU stated that the federal government should not take on overriding a state’s inherent police powers, especially since Congress has already supported the right of every state with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 which preserves the states’ rights.

The ACU seems to be putting aside their feelings on gambling, and rather focusing on the logical matter at hand which is to allow the individual states the option of choosing whether or not to offer online gambling activities, instead of a federal ban.



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