Charles Yu Loses $715,000 on Hustler Casino Live

Benjamin Juhasz and Zhen Cai Win Titles at the PokerGO Tour PLO Series II

Hustler Casino Live (HCL) excluded Max Pain Monday this week. The Super High Stakes Week’s first night had several six-figure pots. It excited many fans although it didn’t match the May 2022 MrBeast game or J4 Stream.

Even so, Martin Kabrhel competed in his first HCL event. Andrew Robl and several players accused him of marking cards in this year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP) High Roller.

Luckily, none of Kabrhel’s accusers found sufficient evidence against him. He made a $100,000 buy-in before lagging in a $100/$200/$400 game. However, Kabrhel won $280,000 before Hustler Casino ended the event at 11 p.m.

Charles Yu’s Great Loss

Brandon Steven was one of the night’s largest winners. The Hendon Mob reports that he is Kansas’ all-time leader after cashing more than $6.7 million in live poker events. Still, he won $388,000.

Santhosh Suvarna, a regular live stream high roller player received $345,000 while Pepe took home $113,000. Charles Yu, mines Bitcoin when he isn’t at the HCL and playing other Southern Californian private poker games.

The player has won almost 50 times on HCl. But the odds were against him as he lost $715,000 and exited the stream after four hours. This was the show’s largest loss in its history.

Yu won many consecutive pots despite rebuying. He raised J?9? on the 8?4?Q?6?K? board against Santhosh’s 7?5?.

The former folded an all-in three-bet in the $342,000 pot. Still, Yu’s J?9? to Kabhrel’s Q?Q? hence making him lose $88,000 in his last hand of the show.

The Game’s Pots

The show had many huge pots. Mariano Grandoli, a poker vlogger, was card dead and was in difficult situations. He used pocket aces to move in the 9?8?8?Q? board before check-raising for a five-way pot. However, Pepe used J?10? to call for a straight before Grandoli wagered $40,000 on the river in a $99,000 pot.

Grandoli lost $56,000 in the game. Santhosh used J?8? to make a $27,000 semi-bluff on the 4?9?7?5? board when the pot had $45,000. Kabrhel had K?J? and Mo held Q?6? when they were on flush draws.

Still, they called and landed 5? on the river that completed a flush. Kabrhel wagered $111,000 after Santhosh checked and won a $349,000 pot. The latter made the game’s best bluff after Yu used queen-high to make a $59,000 all-in move on the 8?10?5?6?2? board.

Yu missed the call using 7?6?. Santhosh used 7?3? to go all-in on the 10?K?3? flop for a $150,000 pot while Steven had a A?Q?.

The duo ran twice before Santhosh bagged the pot after winning the two run-outs. A J?7?9? flop occurred when $12,000 was in the middle.

Mo used 10?8? to make a straight flop before checking to Santhosh’s $8,000 wager that he placed with A?10?. A $35,000 check-raise occurred but failed to fold. The Super High Stakes Week will proceed on Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. PT.


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