Center for Freedom and Prosperity Leads Charge Against RAWA

us flagOne way of showing support or disapproval of a subject involving legal matters is to write Congress. The congressional members in charge of legislation have the power to move forward or vote against measures of varying subjects, so writing letters can be a way to try and sway leaders in a certain direction. The hot topic in the online poker industry in regards to legislation has been the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, better known as RAWA. Poker players, industry leaders and interest groups have sent letters to members of Congress over the past few months in the hopes of shutting down any movement of the legislation that would ban online gambling across the United States.

The most recent group to come out in opposition of RAWA is the Center for Freedom and Prosperity. The group took charge and has created a coalition of sorts that consists of interest groups who sent a letter to Congress showing their views of RAWA. The letter was addressed to the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Representative Robert Goodlatte and urged for respect of the 10th amendment.

This section of the Constitution states that all powers not given to the federal government are reserved for state government. The letter was addressed to Goodlatte as he is the chairman of the committee where the RAWA legislation was considered earlier in the year.

The letter calls RAWA an ‘outright assault on federalism’ and states that the legislation is trampling on the 10th amendment by banning the right of state regulation of online gambling, continuing to chip away at the balance of state and federal governance. The interest groups pointed out that the bill would overturn laws that already exist in three states in regards to online gambling and would prohibit other states from selling lottery tickets that have business online.

Several individuals signed the letter, including members of the Center for Freedom and Prosperity, the American Conservative Union, Independent Women’s Voice and the Center for Individual Freedom.

Some of those who signed the letter decided to voice their opinion on the subject as a representative of their group. This included David Williams, the President of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance. Williams stated that the TPA continues to be in opposition of any type of federal ban in regards to online gaming under RAWA. The group is proud to be part of the coalition that has fought against a federal ban of online gaming and to preserve a free-market approach.




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