Low Attendance Results in Guaranteed Prize Pool Cancelation at Binion’s Poker Open

The 2015 Binion’s Poker Open began on September 18th and will continue until October 4th with several events on the lineup. The series was created to offer 17 events with such formats included at Limit Omaha 8 and No Limit Hold’em. The downtown Las Vegas, Nevada gambling hall is famous for being the original spot of the World Series of Poker but over time has seen lower traffic numbers. For the 2015 series, Binion’s turnout was so low, officials decided to cancel the guarantee to poker events.

Several guarantees were cancelled, which has led to poker player’s anger and disappointment. On the Facebook Page of the Binion poker room, it stated that due to the low attendance of the series, they have decided to cancel the guarantee to the Poker Open Events. The guarantees of the $200 No Limit Hold’em which is $10,000 and the $50,000 guarantee of the PPC Poker Tour event. Other events in the series will run as normal, but without the guaranteed prize pools.

The Binion’s Poker Open was not set to have huge guarantees, but players are disappointed that the events they would participate in will not have the amount set from the beginning. Many players felt as though the gambling hall is in violation of gaming regulations due to the cancellation of the guarantees at the last minute.

While no one wants to see changes to the offerings of a poker tournament or series, the fine print for the Binion’s Poker Open does appear to allow changes to be made as they see fit. The subject of the cancellations were highlighted on forum posts at 2+2, with one user pointing out that the events in which the guarantees were cancelled had not taken place yet. This does make the decision a little easier to bear as players could then choose to not participate after the changes.

With many speaking out against the changes in a negative way, there are others who are sad to see the gambling hall struggling. In it’s hayday, the facility was considered the place to be for casino gaming and many feel it is sad to see the venue struggling.



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