Augmented Reality Poker? PokerStars VS Has an Idea…

PokerStars has always been the leader in moving the boundaries and limits of traditional poker games. They have been experimenting with various ideas in order to bring this game to more people and make it more popular. One of their most recent projects is called NLH/PLO hybrid PokerStars Fusion. However, they surprised us with another ongoing project called PokerStars VR that is supposed to allow us to play poker in augmented reality. In fact, a couple of months ago, they invited 150 professional poker players to a beta test of this revolutionary idea that marries poker with technology.

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The test was more than successful, and PokerStars VR came to an end. It means that you are now able to download the software through Oculus, Viveport, and Steam and play the game yourself. The company made the app in cooperation with a popular developer in the area of virtual reality called Lucky VR. So how does it feel? Well, it is a perfect combination of live poker and online poker – a completely unique experience that every poker player should try at least once.

Severin Rasset is the Director of Poker Innovation and Operations at PokerStars. He stated that it had been amazing to see that people were really enjoying the product that they had showcased. He added that the company had wanted to take a step into the virtual reality world as it was an area of technology that was still highly unexplored when combined with poker. Finally, Rasset recommended everyone try the game if they could, as the players would only be able to truly experience it and enjoy it if they immersed themselves.

The best thing about this game is that you can actually choose an environment that you want. There are currently five environments available, and all of them are beautiful and captivating. They are The Void, Monte-Carlo Yacht, The Showdown Saloon, The Macau Suite, and Macau 2050. The players are not only able to handle chips and cards but also talk to the other players who are at the table. Finally, PokerStars VR is compatible with Twitch broadcasting and Oculus Rift streaming, which will open new ways to explore and popularize this game.

Many players who tested the game left various comments. For example, some stated that PokerStars VR had delivered a new perspective to social gaming and that it was pretty remarkable to be immersed in a virtual world like the one that revolves around poker.

According to Jaime Staples, this game would not appeal to the grinders who preferred playing tables of six to eight players, but everyone else would definitely enjoy this game.

One thing is certain – we are going to see more similar projects in the future. If you are a poker lover, this is certainly an exciting time to be alive as the technology is positively affecting the game in unimaginable was, thus making it more entertaining and enjoyable for everyone.

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