Accusations Surface of Missing Funds at America’s Cardroom

Accusations Surface of Missing Funds at America's Cardroom

America’s Cardroom is one of America’s most popular offshore poker rooms (based in Costa Rica). The poker room has been offering engaging, entertaining, and high prize poker games, among other casino games.

But, since Monday, reports have surfaced showing that players at the Cardroom are losing their funds from their accounts.

The first report was made to Poker Fraud Alert on March 13, 2022. The reported incident indicates that a player lost almost $9,000 after someone breached his account. The player explains that he received an email showing the withdrawal, yet he had not authorized it.

Even after trying to solve the issue with the poker room, the player is yet to see a result. This prompted him to share his predicament on Twitter to save other potential targets.

The player posted that he believed some shady things were happening inside the site. Although he tagged several other people, he insisted that they did not relate to anything about the issue.

Instead, he tagged them to help spread the word. The player also confirmed that he was aware he was not the only player whose funds at the Cardroom had mysteriously disappeared.

Missing Funds

The first player to accuse America’s Cardroom noted that he received an email two or three minutes before the withdrawal. He explained that someone is supposed to click the link sent to email to authorize a withdrawal, something he did not do. The player also confirmed that nobody else was logged into his email and had not reset or changed the password at the poker room.

Following the publicized breach, the player was locked out of his account and asked to reset his password. Several days later, Todd Witteles, the owner of Poker Fraud Alert, reported that the said player had received back $8,800.

Todd speculated that the breach was inside the company. He noted that it was impossible for the poker room to refund the amount if the breach was a result of the players’ inability to secure his account.

Similar Reports

Todd has received other similar complaints as the first. He noted that players had lost between $9,000 and $20,000 except for one situation where a player deposited $247, which was withdrawn immediately. This player had $68 in the account prior to depositing $247, which was not stolen.

The complaints are similar; there is no email breach, no password change, and no sign of anything wrong. Another similarity is that the money is withdrawn through Bitcoin.

Some players have been reimbursed the funds. But, some are yet to get their money back. Todd has taken to Twitter to let everyone know about the ongoing issue.

Several people responded to Todd’s Tweet, confirming they had experienced similar issues. Some said that they had withdrawn their money and followed the accusations. Others questioned why the poker room did not use two-factor authorization for cashouts.

America’s Cardroom Is Yet To Respond

As of today morning, America’s Cardroom is yet to comment on the issue. Even the company CEO Phil Nagy is yet to respond.

Several poker sites have emailed the poker room about the security breaches but are yet to get responses. According to Todd, the management might not have been involved in the security breach.

He believes that one or several employees have gone rogue. Yet, this is not the first security issue facing the poker room.

In 2020, several players complained about technical hitches with the cards in the poker room. Fortunately, the issue was rectified.

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