888poker’s Festival Online Main Event Awards “latvianhero1” $34,600

888poker recently held a $215 buy-in $200,000 guaranteed The Festival Online Main Event that “latvianhero1” won. He received the title and a $34,600 top prize.

The event attracted 992 entrants, and it had several re-entries. latvianhero1 led for a while before losing several big blinds.

What Were the Final Table’s Prizes?

1. latvianhero1 from Austria-$34,600
2. Getoverhere from Romania-$25,240
3. Artur1965 from Lithuania-$18,440
4. raw_dawg-$13,460
5. dmnln from Malta-$9,900
6. themelon1 from the United Kingdom-$7,340
7. Grosminette from Malta-$5,440
8. LordPari-$4,060
9. DomCamaron from Mexico-$3,040


Action at the Final Table

DomCamaron was the shortest stack when he reached the final table. Also, he was the first finalist to get busted. Getoverhere used queen-jack of hearts to make a middle position min-raise and Artur1965 made a flat call.

His move prompted DomCamaron to make a 6.3 big blinds all-in squeeze and Artur1965 used pocket eights to call. Both players faced ace-jack but a queen-high board sent DomCamaron packing in ninth place.

LordPari followed DomCamaron in the eighth position after losing half of his chips in flopped trip aces when their rival landed a straight on the river. LordPari failed to recover and used pocket sixes to make a 3.7 big blinds jam that they lost to themelon1’s ace-four.

Grosminette’s run ended in seventh place when they used ace-four to make 2.5 big blinds raise and remained with 1.2 big blinds. Getoverhere raised and Grosminette went all-in.

the latter faced a dominating ace deuce before a deuce on the turn changed the odds at the table. Grosminette missed a river and left the event. themelon1 left the table in sixth place after losing a battle of the blinds to latvianhero1.

Action folded to the former in the small blind, prompting them to use king-seven of spades to make a 10.7 big blinds open-shove before the latter used pocket aces in the big blind to snap-call them.

themelon1 made a flush draw flop. dmnln exited the tournament in the fifth position with $9,900 after latvianhero1 beat them in a battle of the blinds. The latter used ace-jack to make a 9.5 big blinds effective all-in move and the former used king-queen to call all-in.

dmnln got the chip lead from a queen on the flop before leaving the table after jacks landed on the river and turn. Four-handed action lasted for 30 minutes before another player left the table.

Getoverhere used pocket kings to min-raise and raw_dawg used pocket sevens to make an 8.4 big blinds three-bet. The latter called after the former placed a four-bet that reduced their stack. A king on the flop further reduced raw-dawg’s chips and they drew dead before exiting in fourth place.

Artur1965 finished third after using pocket queen to check-call three streets and latvianhero1’s pair of aces in the hole dominated the hand. latvianhero used pocket jacks to min-raise and Getoverhere used pocket tens to make a 6.2 big blinds three-bet. The latter didn’t get help from the five double paired community cards and finished as a runner-up with $25,240.

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