888poker Cleans Up Site With Bot Crackdown Leading to $100k Reimbursement

888poker Cleans Up Site With Bot Crackdown Leading to $100k Reimbursement

For the past few years, online poker rooms have been faced with bot-related cheating. While these sites work to eliminate these issues, each has a different way of handling them.

Several weeks ago, a player through a Reddit post complained how partypoker handled the issue. With the way 888poker has handled it, no one will likely complain as it approaches the issue with transparency.

Combating Bots in Transparency

888poker is the latest poker room to join other poker sites in releasing data of illicit bot-related cheating. Partypoker has been doing it since 2019 and has resulted in the seizure of almost $1.5 million.

Its method of fighting illicit activity seems to work for the company, with fewer accounts discovered each year. In January and February 2021, partypoker shut down 64 accounts and recovered $9,000.

888poker seems to be taking the same procedure partypoker is taking to curb fraudulence. According to the company’s head Amit Berkovic said that the company was continually cracking down on bots and was proud of the progress. He added that his team was determined to offer its players an enjoyable, fair, and safe room by eliminating all bots through an innovative detection tool.

Berkovic also noted that players consider bot issues before playing in a poker room. Thus, the 888poker needed to handle the issue and let players know that they had handled it.

Unfortunately, two other prominent poker sites have not published anything about cracking down bots. While 888poker and partypoker choose transparency, PokerStars and GGPoker have not published any figures about bot crackdown in two years.

As the largest online poker site in the world, PokerStars published figures about bots crackdown in 2019. The brand had terminated 2800 illicit accounts and recovered $1. 87 million.

Similarly, GGPoker last eliminated illicit accounts in 2019. It terminated 40 accounts and recovered $1.175 million. Since 2019, the two have yet to publish an update of the fight against illegal activity status. People assume the two fail to publish these statistics to avoid talking about their bot detection methods.

888poker Gave $100,000 to Players in October

While 888poker has been in the industry for a while, it is the first time it has publicly detailed its crackdown against bots. The site closed 85 accounts and recovered $100k, which was returned to 4000 affected players in October.

Bots are software designed to help players cheat. They act like humans and can perform without the supervision of a human and can defeat human players.

These bots also play for hours without getting fatigued. All online poker sites prohibit the use of bots because they disadvantage unsuspecting players ruining the fairness of a game.

A Step Towards Offering a Safe and Fair Poker Site

888poker is choosing to transparently crackdown the AI software on its site to offer a safe and fair gaming platform. The operator is promising players that it will strengthen its security by seriously dealing with bots issues.

By dealing with the bots, 888poker upholds its mission to offer its players a fair and secure poker room. The brand also promises to release statistics on bots crackdown every month.

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